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Sitting here and enjoying the sound of…

February 1, 2011


Which means my baby, oh precious child of mine, is sleeping!  Instead of screaming his head off as he has for the past several days.

Or so it seems…

I think his molars are getting ready to break through and I wish they’d hurry up.  He’s been crying and crying and pretty near inconsolable at times.  And he hasn’t been eating much, so then he wakes up hungry in the middle of the night.  This, when we’ve finally, finally, after 12 1/2 months of life, been getting him to sleep through the night.  Usually.

Plus DH had surgery yesterday.  Nothing too major and everything went really well, although even thinking about it makes me kind of queasy in the knees.  And there’s the faint odor of hospital in the house now.  I hate that smell.  Luckily DH can pretty much take care of himself and all his post-surgical needs which leaves me to take care of everyone else.  Between being awakened multiple times the night before by a teething baby, running DH to and from the hospital yesterday, driving him to get his meds, waiting outside for the drive  -through pharmacy for ages and then being told one bottle wouldn’t fit through their delivery tube (kind of like at the bank) so I’d have to come inside, waiting in line another 15 minutes, leaving with 2 prescriptions, having to go back and wait again for the 3rd which they forgot to give me, and the usual take care of-clothe-bathe-feed four kids routine, I was feeling pretty run down by yesterday afternoon.  (And in fact we never did actually clothe the baby.  It was really cold outside and keeping him in his footed pajamas all day was just the best, though possibly the laziest, thing to do.)

Of course none of that compares to DH and his not being able to sleep longer than 20 minutes at a stretch, general pain, uncomfortableness, and…well, I’ll spare you all the gory details.

We all survived the day and today has been looking somewhat better, although after only four good hours of sleep again last night, I was running thin on patience through school this morning.  The fact that no one could remember what alliteration was in our poetry lesson almost pushed me over the edge until I finally gave in and tossed that book aside, reading some of A. A. Milne’s poems instead.

So…I was going to blog about happy things from last week when I sat down.  But I guess I needed to get the last two days first off my chest first.  I was really excited about last week.  We had a fabulous week of school and hit every subject on our list, but it seems kind of late to hash it out now.  I’m also happy that I survived my second concert in as many weeks without too much stress and after being gone Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights two weeks running, I’m really looking forward to no orchestra rehearsals for the next couple of weeks and that is why, on a Tuesday night, I’m sitting here at home enjoying the sound of silence.

Just a few things I want to remember:

  • A went to my concert with me on Saturday night, sat by himself up in the balcony, and brought his own money to buy treats from the vending machine during intermission!  He bought two candy bars and a granola bar, ate the granola bar himself, and saved the rest to bring home for a treat for his brothers since they didn’t get to come.  I thought that was so sweet to think of them and want to share.  (Of course, D was sick and actually threw up Sunday morning so we stayed home from church together.)
  • Speaking of which, A and C went to church together without us (it’s a half block away) and I got glowing reports on how reverently they sat through sacrament meeting.  I’d thought they’d go sit by their friends or somebody, but they didn’t.  They sat in our usual spot all by themselves and were very well behaved.  Our home teacher kept an eye on them for me.
  • Can I say how grateful I am for children who want to go to church?
  • Can I also say I’m grateful for children who are learning to cook?
  • One night last week, D volunteered to peel potatoes for me while A at the same time volunteered to make a chocolate cake for dessert.  Who can say no to that?  Although it’s a lucky thing I tasted it beforehand and made sure the rest of the sugar got added. 🙂  He was so worried about how to measure 1/8 cup, that he only put in 1/8 cup instead of 7/8 cup.  But we have a little baker on our hands.  The previous week he made chocolate chip cookies all by his lonesome.  I could get used to this!

Little potato peeler




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  1. Tamaran permalink
    February 2, 2011 9:06 am

    I remember seeing your two boys in Sacrament meeting and thinking maybe you had just stepped out with the other 2. They were very well behaved and I would never have guessed that they were there alone. I noticed you were not in primary, but was too busy running around to think much about it. They were very well behaved in primary too (like always).

    I love that they help cook. Very cute.

    Hope DH is doing better, and E too!

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