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Wednesday moments

February 16, 2011

A long, well thought out post seems to be a rarity here these days, so here are some Wednesday moments:

  • E was up bright and early and would not go back to sleep.  6:30 looks much better to me than 5:30 though.  One of these days he’ll pick a consistent wakeup time and I can start to plan around him.
  • I was able to shower before lunch today though, that was nice.
  • But I didn’t get to practice and I’ve got Shostakovich to work on this week.
  • We brought the world globe out to lunch because somebody wanted to know where Armenia was and I didn’t have a clue.  Now I do.
  • Also pointed out Ukraine to D because we’ve been reading a Ukrainian folk tale for his school.
  • While we were at it, wondered exactly where Gallipoli was after reading a picture book about it this morning.  DH went for Google, I went for the National Geographic Atlas of the World.  I found it first.
  • I’m wondering why children can’t give a decent two-sentence narration on submarines in World War I when asked, yet can give you story after story and details galore two hours down the road when they want to share with Daddy.
  • I really need to print out the lyrics to “Over there” as those are the only two words we know. Over there, over there….I just know there is more to this song…
  • If we finish up World War I this week, we will not get to several other items in the plan, and that’s ok.  We’ve had six or seven good weeks of school since Christmas and I’m feeling a little itchy for a lighter week.
  • E is either completely disinterested in what we do for school, or he comes and parks himself right on top of our books in the middle of everything.  There’s no middle ground.
  • We love naptime and take full advantage of it.
  • Daily, I’m finding all sorts of odds and ends in the crockpot on the baker’s rack.  It’s E’s personal stash.
  • We still can’t find the fish food though.  E probably squirreled it away somewhere, but he’s not talking.
  • A’s Latin dvd lesson is much more entertaining when played back on quick speed.  Some days we just can’t take Latin in a slow Southern drawl. (No offense to any other Southerners, her inconsistent vowels drive us even more nuts.)
  • A and C, on two different chapters in two different books, have the same Latin saying this week: Veni, vidi, vici.
  • Which is what I wish I could say about the piles of clutter around here.  It’s more like “I came, I saw, I got distracted by something else.”
  • It was really really windy today…and the boys wanted to play frisbee.  It didn’t go well.
  • Now they’re bugging me to buy kite string for my kite.  It was a perfect kite day, they said.
  • D asked how do you fly a kite (and why).  I tried to explain and he still doesn’t get it.
  • The lady in front of me at the bank drive-through apparently had money blow away in the wind.  She kept getting out to look under her car, under my car, on the grass.  It was kind of funny, except that I’d hate to lose money that way, and we were late to Kindermusik after waiting for her and being hemmed in from behind by another car.
  • Luckily I remembered that I had to make that mortgage payment at the bank (on the very last possible day without the late fee I can’t afford this month) because DH has hardly left the house since having surgery.
  • It is nice having him home on Wednesdays though–we came home to a hot dinner right out of the oven.  I was the one who made it, but still, it was nice to have him put it in and out of the oven for me.
  • We ate early, cleaned up the kitchen, the boys went to bed easily after watching a short World War I video, and DH and I were left alone on the couch at 7:36 p.m.  It was weird.
  • And here I am still up….so good night!


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