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26 weeks down, 10 to go

March 19, 2011

It’s been a long week!

We didn’t feel like doing school on Monday again this week, but knowing I would have a church Relief Meeting at the church on Saturday morning, I told them they could: a) Do school on Saturday afternoon, or b) Do all of Saturday’s work throughout the week and take Saturday off.  They of course chose option b.

It sounded like such a great idea at the beginning of the week, but somehow it made the week seem longer.  Of course we’re still adjusting to the time change and we didn’t get an early start even once this week.  And it was one of those weeks where we really needed to finish things.  So there we were, at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon trying to wrap things up.

And we did!  We essentially completed our Time Travelers unit study from the Industrial Revolution to the Great Depression.  We didn’t quite finish assembling the lapbook and we do still have a file folder review game to play, but…we’re calling it done.  We spent this week talking about the stock market crash, the Oklahoma Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.  The boys made a notebook page about the stock market and a booklet about the dust bowl with a wheel of acetate with pepper glued to it to look like dust is blowing over the homestead as the wheel is turned.

We also read quite a few picture books set in the 1930s.  I think Leah’s Pony was our favorite story and although we’ve never gotten into American Girl books around here, Welcome to Kit’s World was very interesting.

We also finished reading Paddle to the Sea for geography and the boys finished up their maps.  D lost interest after several weeks and quit labelling, but he at least was persuaded to color in all the states.  A had a great time with this entire project.  He really, I mean really, loves maps!

Everything else went really well this week too.

  • A flew through the first 8 lessons on decimals in Singapore 4B (he says they’re fun) and some more Life of Fred fractions lessons.
  • He finished lesson 18 and 19 in Latin.
  • A had poetry assignments in Writing with Ease this week, on some poems by Walter de la Mare, and did his 4-step sentence analysis in Practice Island.  We both really like that book.  I’m excited for next year and the next level.
  • C finished lesson 14 in his Latin, continued cursive with letters A, D, and I, and did 4 assignments in Writing with Ease, although he had a tricky time on dictation with spelling the ‘er’ sounds correctly in purple and pepper.  He’s really putting his spelling lessons to use though and I can see him thinking through the sounds in each word rather than just stabbing at them in the dark.
  • And math is going well for C!  It’s so awesome to be able to say that!
  • D is doing great on math as well and went back to Singapore 1B after some exercises in Math Mammoth Place Value this week.
  • He’s also reading quite well now.  He doesn’t like to read straight out of the Ordinary Parent’s Guide (to Teaching Reading), so I write the sentences on his personal whiteboard and he sounds them out.  It’s a game to see if he can sound the letters out as fast as I write them.  It’s also fun to pick out the dry erase marker.  I bought a new set of double tipped markers in about 24 different colors and who knew that would make reading so much fun?!  This week included SQU-, TW-, SW-, and -NG words and all words starting with BR, CR, DR, FR, GR, PR, and TR.
  • Together we learned about meter (including iambs, trochees, anapests, and dactyls) in poetry.
  • We had daily scripture study and worked on memorizing Doctrine and Covenants 64:23.
  • We completely forgot about science and Sentence Island.  But that’s ok.
  • We’re thoroughly enjoying listening to Gone-Away Lake in the car.
  • D also started Harold and the Purple Crayon for a new Five in a Row book, although we only read it maybe twice.  We’ll do more next week.

I forgot to put in what he did for Owl Moon last week.  We read about owls and moons and he colored an owl and traced the book title.  And I’m sure we did more than that, but I can’t think what.  I know we did NOT dissect an owl pellet.  I have a few sitting around here somewhere, but just wasn’t up for it this year.  Maybe when we get back to biology, we’ll try it again as D was really too little to remember that particular project the last time we did it.

A’s copywork quote this week:

I really like that one.

So I think that wraps it up!  It sure felt like a long week, but it’s over and we’re taking next week off.  Off from school anyway–the house desperately needs some spring cleaning and I have an orchestra concert on Saturday night so I’ll be doing quite a bit of practicing on Shostakovich Symphony #5.  I’m just not ready yet.

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  1. March 20, 2011 7:54 am

    I love those huge colorful maps!

  2. clarkjarvis permalink
    March 20, 2011 8:12 am

    I love the maps too and A’s copywork is better than my handwriting 🙂

  3. RecumbentHeart permalink
    March 21, 2011 10:08 am

    The copywork is beautiful!

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