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Field trip #1–Hill AFB Museum

April 17, 2011

We were hoping to go to the Air Force Museum with DH to see all the World War II planes while we were studying the war and were finally able to go last Saturday.   It was neat to see so many different planes, especially the ones we’ve studied and read about recently, but it’s kind of sad to see them sitting there collecting dust.  It was much more exciting to see them out flying (as we did last April) or get tocrawl through one as we did a few summers ago.  But given the fact that there are so very few aircraft from the war that are still in flying condition (and none are coming through Utah this year, I checked!)  we’ll take what we can get.  We walked through the jets too, but it’s these vintage aircraft that are my favorites.

It was a fun morning.

P-51 Mustang

B-25–one of the Doolittle raid planes:

A and C in front of the B-24 with its women at work:

The B-17 Flying Fortress

C on the balcony, the B-17 is behind him and very dusty on top:

The B-29 Superfortress (picture taken from the car as it was clearly snowing!)

We won’t study the Berlin airlift until week after next, but here is Gail Halvorsen’s plane.  He was the Berlin candy bomber.

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