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Well, that’s over…

May 1, 2011

So I had a symphony concert last night–Bruckner, Symphony No. 4.  And I hurt.  It seemed like the more I practiced, the more I needed to practice.  The music seemed to get harder every time I sat down to it.  How does that happen?  It’s never a good sign when your muscles scream at you at the beginning of your practice session.  I can understand it at the end, but the beginning? It’s been a long week.

The concert went really well (except for that one spot where my eye had a spasm and a whole measure of 8th notes went by in a blue) but by the last movement, I was just so exhausted.  It was a grueling piece and once again I can see where my endurance has suffered from lack of consistent practicing lately.

Then there was the fact that DH couldn’t come to the concert because he couldn’t find anyone to work his overtime shift for him, so he couldn’t drop me off and I had to drive myself and hunt for parking.  I don’t know what else was happening last night at the U, but there were no parking places to be found in any of my usual spots.  I was afraid I was going to be late after all the driving in circles looking so I finally just parked in the Avenues and hiked clear down to Gardner Hall with A.  I did make it in plenty of time (completely out of breath and in a bad mood) and I didn’t want to do much warming up beforehand anyway so as not to wear myself out so it worked.  A sat by himself.  He’s so good.  C and D originally wanted to come, but when they found out who the babysitter was, they both decided it would be more fun to stay home.  I’m not sure they could have sat still without DH there anyway, so it’s just as well.  A, on the other hand, is like a short adult so he always comes to my concerts.  He’s been to so many more concerts than I had at age 10!

DH has to work the night of my next concert as well (actually now he works every Saturday night–to which I say blah!) so I’ve already put him on notice to find someone to cover his shift or I’ll be mad!  We’re playing Appalachian Spring, which is one of the pieces I want to play before I die, and I want him to hear it.  (And everybody else.  May 21–put it on your calendar if you’re in the area!)

I need to keep up the practicing since we are playing Appalachian Spring, but I need to work out a new routine.  I’ve been going at a grueling pace this week and I can’t keep that up.  I’m exhausted.  Still.  I used to practice during E’s afternoon nap, but he’s switched from two naps to one and we’re usually still working on schoolwork when he’s sleeping.  And we can really use some non-toddler school time if you know what I mean!  Then if it’s not snowing and the boys play outside, I’m the only one to entertain E in the late afternoon and practicing is not the way to go. (Unless I don’t mind a little graham cracker slobber on the cello!)  So I’ve been waiting until they go to bed to pull the cello out, and then after practicing from 9-10:30ish…ok, 11ish and later, even though my body is utterly worn out, my mind is racing and I can’t go to sleep.  It’s been such a lovely week!

School got done somewhere in there, in fact that’s what I felt the week was–homeschool and practicing, or thinking about practicing or obsessing over children not going to sleep so I could my practicing in.  That, and we managed a few decent meals as well.  I even found a 10 grams of fat per serving yogurt for E (at the grocery store on Saturday night after the concert.)  He’s not sure he likes it though.  I still need to check out all the other brands you so kindly suggested last week and maybe we’ll find a winner.  I just kept saying, “I just have to get through Saturday night,” and then I can get on with life.  So Saturday night is over (and I was up planning sharing time for Primary after the concert) and now I can get on with life.  I know that’s the wrong attitude, there’s always another event on the horizon, and I can’t just continually put my life on hold.  But I feel like my brain shrinks every year about this time and I can only focus on one thing at a time.  Concert?  OK, who needs a clean house anyway?  Sharing time to plan?  Great, laundry can wait.  Playing in church?  Well, that’s not for two more weeks and I’m sure something will have to slide for it.  I feel like I’m on overload and if one more thing gets added, something else will have to give.  It must be spring.  When September rolls around, I feel much more capable!

That being said, we’ve got five more weeks of schoolwork and then we’re calling it a year.  My brain says enough.  I want to put my feet up, rest my fingers, and do nothing more than read for a couple of days.  Until then, this house sure needs some work after this last week!

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  1. May 2, 2011 12:26 pm

    Glad the concert went well. Sorry it is just so hard to fit everything in, but I have some great news for you! You are the winner of my Medieval Set of Books! So send me an email at mrs (dot) moe 35 (at) with your contact info.

  2. May 2, 2011 8:34 pm

    Hurray for concerts! I’m so impressed that you can still do that. Music can be such a demanding thing. Wish I could come hear the Appalachian Spring.

  3. May 2, 2011 10:15 pm

    I often feel like this…. just get through this weekend, or this week or this event and then things will settle down. Somehow that never actually happens. It is always something. There is forever another item on the agenda and another commitment you have to keep. But I am always amazed at how well I usually can pull off and handle it. Of course looking back is always easier than when you are in the thick of things.

    Appalachian Spring is such a great piece. I wish I could come hear you play.

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