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May 9, 2011

There have been so many, as my husband calls them, “blog worthy” moments lately, but either I no longer have 24 hours in my day or those hours are just speeding by faster than ever.  I don’t know where the time goes, and here it is May already.  And it was one of those Mondays–cold, rainy, baby only took a 10-minute nap in the car and is into everything lately kind of days.  I have a feeling homeschooling with a toddler might just do me in.

So how was your day?


Our weekend was good.  Thank goodness for Cub Scouts as we just don’t make Mother’s Day gifts during homeschool.  So I woke up to some lovely muffin tin liner/pipe cleaner flowers from C and D.  They also drew me some hilarious cards with pictures of  DH and me dressed up for our honeymoon (on a rocket), me piloting a biplane, and a T-rex guarding a sheep from a jetliner flying through some of the strangest (and yet cutest) clouds I’ve ever seen.  Works of art, those were.  After working a morning shift for someone else, DH was actually home after church to cook dinner for us–steak, parmesan potatoes, and salad.  We don’t see a lot of DH these days so that was very nice.  And he restocked my perpetual supply of Dove dark chocolates tonight.


Why is it the house always smells after you’ve been out of town?  And does it always smell like that and I just don’t notice(that’s kind of scary), or is it just that musty-because-nobody’s-been-here-for-a-while smell?  We were only gone 24 hours over Friday and Saturday.

I had to play for a friend’s piano student trio recital.  She organizes chamber music for her students and has a cellist and violinist come in and basically sightread the other two parts with them.  It’s always fun and always…interesting.  You never know what will happen with student recitals, but that’s a valuable part of the learning process.  I was quite impressed with all of them this year.  We had a rehearsal Friday night and I had to drool over her piano studio with its own entrance at the back of her new house.  I would love a separate studio area that didn’t have to double as the library/school/dining room.

With the recital on Saturday morning, we decided to take the boys to sleep over at Grandma’s house.  Of course Grandma and Poppa were up here in Salt Lake that night, but said we could use their house anyway.  It was a nice chance to get away.  DH would love to get away every weekend so he’d be less available for people on his “days off.”  If there were only a way to get away for free…

We splurged on our favorite Mexican place Friday night (and ate a ridiculous amount of food) and ate at Fuddrucker’s for lunch on Saturday before coming back home to surprise the boys with this:

(Yes, it was super sunny that day, how can you tell?)

And the B-17 “Flying Fortress.”  Isn’t she beautiful?

The Liberty Foundation’s newly-restored Curtiss P-40 and the Liberty Belle were in town this weekend.  We got out to the Salt Lake Jet Center just in time to see the B-17 getting ready for take-off.  DH wanted video of the take-off, but I got bored of how long it was taking.  I got a little footage of the engines going and you can hear C yelling, “Woo-hoo,” as it begins to taxi.  He was so excited.  I should of taken video of him rather than the plane.

To fill the rest of our Saturday afternoon after DH went to work, we ended up hiking to the base of Ensign Peak so I could find out how pathetically out of shape I am.  This was only to the base, mind you; we didn’t even consider going to the top.  (Well, I didn’t anyway.)  Then D scraped his knee up when he fell while running downhill because his brothers “were going too fast for me.”  While I was examining the blood coming out of him, E tripped and fell forward and just happened to hit his forehead on a piece of gravel which also drew blood.  It was a great day to be the mom.  He didn’t seem phased at all though after a short initial crying bout, but we went home and cleaned everybody up and did a take-n-bake pizza for dinner because  I didn’t have any energy left to pull anything else together.


I know there were other things I’ve wanted to blog about lately, like D getting so excited to finally wear shorts…and then pairing them with snowboots to go to Kindermusik.


Thanks to E, I now have a new crockpot with a retractable cord, so maybe he can’t pull it off the shelf by the cord anymore.  Hopefully.


I’m wondering why I can sing Appalachian Spring just fine, but seeing it on paper and playing it from the printed music is incredibly difficult.  Copland is always like that though, he just doesn’t fit into 4/4 time.  As my stand partner remarked, we could have our parts note-perfect and still totally mess it up on the concert.  Three more rehearsals, then we’ll see how it turns out.

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  1. May 10, 2011 3:33 am

    A very busy but fun filled week. I love your comment about being the mom that day. Ah, there definitely are days like that. And the crock pot sometimes gets pulled down?! Makes me cringe just thinking about it!

  2. May 10, 2011 9:21 am

    I’m drooling just hearing about your friend’s piano studio. NICE! Love the description of the pictures on your Mother’s Day cards. Boys are so funny!

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