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Birthday Week

May 18, 2011

Who says you can only celebrate for one day?  C has been looking forward to this birthday for months.  Of all the boys, he is the most exuberant about birthdays and celebrations and life in general!  And eight is a particularly special birthday as he has made the choice to be baptized in a few weeks.  (As he told practically everyone at church on Sunday!  He can’t wait–only 17 more days!)

Because he turned eight, we gave him a set of new scriptures and a pocket hymnal with his name embossed on them.  I didn’t have a chance to go shopping without the boys attached, but C knew what he was getting anyway so he was excited to come along last Monday.

On Thursday, we had dinner with Grandma and Poppa and C had requested raspberry shortcake for a birthday dessert.

Grandma and Poppa gave him some clothes, biplane Legos, and this 4 1/2 foot long crocodile pillow.

On Friday, his actual birthday, he broke with the donuts for breakfast tradition, and asked for omelets instead.  Who can deny the birthday child the healthier choice?  So we had omelets.  He wanted to go to our homeschool group park day as well and then to the aquarium.  Luckily he got a card in the mail from Nana so he had something to actually open on his birthday.  Then he and his brothers went out to my aunt’s house while DH and I went to a gala event for DH’s work.  And my aunt threw him a party!  They had party games, got prizes, decorated cupcakes, and had a fabulous time with my cousin’s two children!  I’m feeling a tad guilty because I didn’t plan a big party for him, but then I’m not really a party person unless I absolutely have to be.

Then finally, the book I ordered for him came on Monday.  I ordered it about two weeks ago and it had an estimated delivery date of May 9-May 24.  C knew there would be a box coming for him and he checked the mail for days.  So finally, he received his last present.  He was jumping up and down from excitement and declined our offer of wrapping it in paper first.


Battle at Sea: 3000 Years of Naval Warfare, just about the most perfectest present ever for this kid!  I’ve been thanked for it about 13 times already.
And now he just can’t wait for his next birthday!

Playing Duck Duck Goose

I know I shared this one last week, but I was too tired to write up the birthday post!
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  1. May 19, 2011 10:04 am

    What great birthday memories. Congrats on turning 8!

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