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Week 35

May 28, 2011

One week to go and we’ve had spring fever bad around here!  The boys have just been itching to get outside and play in the warm weather every afternoon.  I, on the other hand, have been battling a sore throat and haven’t had much energy this week.  So I’ve been glad that we’re getting to the end of things and haven’t had as much work to do so they could go out a lot.

D finished his Five in a Row unit on The Duchess Bakes a Cake.  We had fun reading pulling out all of our old castle books again.  We also talked about the feudal system, illuminated letters, rhyme scheme, alliteration, and yeast.  D colored some illuminated letters.

We should have baked a lovely, light, luscious, delectable cake with D, but A had just made a cake on Sunday and I made bread several times and pizza dough this week and we just never got around to baking another cake.  D really likes to cook and often helps me in the kitchen.  We did do an experiment to see how yeast grows and releases oxygen to blow up a balloon.  Yeast, water, and sugar in a bottle:

Half an hour later:

Latin: C watched his lesson 24 and learned the first declension plural endings.  A watched lesson 25 and will finish up the exercises and puzzles next week!

Math: A finished his 4B book this week!  I’m not sure how he did that, but he’s done.  On Monday, we’ll still need to go over the mistakes he made on his last test (mostly dealing with perimeter) but he is done!  I have the 4B Intensive Practice book that I think he’ll start working out of over the summer plus Life of Fred fractions.  D is up to lesson 13 in 2A and C finally finished the subtraction section in 2A and only has the reviews left to do.  He has worked so hard to understand subtraction with renaming and is finally seeing success.  It is wonderful!

Language Arts: We read through the last section of poetry and learned about similes and metaphors.  We began the last section of Sentence Island and A did 4 sentence analyses.  C and A both did 3 assignments in Writing with Ease and their spelling.  A is 3 lists away from finishing Sequential Spelling book and C has one step left in All About Spelling.  D is up to lesson 70 in his reading book, covering long A, long E, and long I with silent E words.

Memory Work: We moved on to a new scripture this week, but are still working on “A Calendar” by Sara Coleridge for our poem.  A has been very good about leading everyone in their memory work so I could save my voice.

Geography: We read chapters 20-22 in Tree in the Trail and did the accompanying mapwork.

History: We’re going fast now!  We read a section a day from Story of the World, so learned about the Vietnam War, Israel’s Six-Day War, Soviet invasions in Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia, Indira Gandhi, and terrorism at the 1972 Munich Olympics.  I think the boys did a couple of the associated maps and they watched two short videos about children in Vietnam and Israel.  Also, we read one picture book about the Vietnam war.  Just one–partly because my throat hurt from any reading aloud and partly because I didn’t want to dwell on any of these subjects any longer than necessary.  I must say that I’ve learned so much about our current world situation from Story of the World this year that I never knew, or never really understood.  I’m looking forward to getting back to ancient history next year though.

I think that covers our academic work.  A and C went to scouts and played kickball one night.  We all went to a homeschool field day for games on Wednesday.  All of the boys were in different groups with their ages and I was free to chase E around the park and we all had a good time.  Friday was our homeschool group’s park day and a total of four moms showed up. I wish more people would come.  Park days are so easy, there’s nothing to prepare or plan.  You just show up, the kids play, the moms can chat.  We never have a good turnout though.  The other three moms were all discussing their teenagers’ homeschool (or not) plans for next year.  I didn’t have much to add to their discussion, but my boys had a lot of fun playing and exploring.

E especially loved the swings.

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  1. May 29, 2011 1:46 pm

    So sorry you are feeling under the weather. We have cabin fever around here too. Any break in the rain or the cold wind sends the girls outside to run off some energy.

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