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Last of the weekly reports

June 10, 2011

We made it!

At the end of 1st grade, we had a Roman feast to celebrate.  (They were so little!)

That was and probably will be our most exciting and memorable way to wrap up a school year.  This year, we did nothing to celebrate, except make funny faces.

I, for one, am just happy to have made it to this point! Three weeks ago I got a sore throat, then hay fever hit on top of that and I am almost to the point where I can talk normally again.  The boys all had sniffles and sneezes there for a while as well, and if we’d had more than seven days of school left, we probably would have taken a few sick days.  But we were so close to finishing that everyone just wanted to keep going.  So we did the bare essentials and called it good.

This week we finished off our spelling, poetry, Sentence Island (minus the last writing assignments), Latin, geography, and history books.  In fact, about the only things not finished were their math and Writing with Ease books.  A actually did finish his Singapore 4B math last week, but started the Intensive Practice book which we’ll continue over the summer.  C is three reviews away from finishing Singapore 2A and D just started 2A but both of them will keep going over the summer as well.

A finished up week 26 in Writing with Ease 3 and C finished up week 16 in WWE 2.  I haven’t put as much emphasis on this curriculum lately.  I really feel that they need to do a lot more writing in conjunction with their other subjects, especially history, but I’m not yet sure what this will look like.  D will also be a first grader next year and will need to step it up in terms of written work.  I guess figuring out how that all will work is on my summer to-do list.  (Along with 47 other items!)

Also in language arts, A finished Sequential Spelling 1 and I’m trying to figure out if it was really necessary.  He’s an excellent speller and hardly a word in the last few months has given him any challenge whatsoever.  C finished All About Spelling 1 and while it really really helped him figure out how spelling works, all the review cards and tiles just drove me nuts.  I just want one book that is open and go without any extra “stuff” to keep track of.  So obviously figuring out spelling is also on my to-do list.

A finished the last of his 100 sentences in MCT Practice Island last week and we finished reading through Sentence Island and our poetry book and loved both of them.  It’s been such a unique and FUN! way to learn about language.  The writing assignments never really fit us, but everything else worked out splendidly.

D finished his last Five in a Row book this week, although there are still a few we’d like to do and as FIAR isn’t part of our plan for next year, we may row a few books over the summer.  This week’s book was Night of the Moonjellies by Mark Shasha.  We learned about jellyfish, Connecticut, money, and life by the seashore.

D made a jellyfish out of a paper plate and streamers, and we also went to the aquarium yesterday to see some jellyfish.

C finished Prima Latina last week and cried out, “Woohoo!  Now I can start Latina Christiana next year!”  Which wasn’t exactly my plan, but who am I to deny a child Latin?  I am starting to rethink my plan.  A finally finished the last chapter in Latina Christiana this week and boy, those were some challenging translations on his crossword puzzle!  But he did it and has really enjoyed Latin this year.  I stayed with him until about lesson 18 or so, but haven’t been putting in the time he has lately so I’m a ways behind.

We read the final chapters of Tree in the Trail for geography and finished up those maps.  D lost interest in coloring this map, although he was enthralled by the story.  Next year we’ll read Seabird and Minn of the Mississippi to finish off this geography program.

And for history, we finally finished our whirlwind read-through of the last 50 years in Story of the World.  I feel like we should have some big end of the year project to show for it all, but we don’t.  We read a section a day and the boys labelled quite a few of the maps, and that was about it.  We briefly covered Iran and Iraq, Chernobyl, the fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the Cold War, the Cultural Revolution in China, the first Gulf War, and the end of apartheid in South Africa.  I can see us spending a lot more time on some of these subjects when they are older and we hit 20th-century history again.

Memory work is coming along.  I intend to keep at it over the summer so we don’t lose everything we’ve learned.  And of course we read and read and then read some more.  (Our complete book list for the year can be found here, but I should really go through it and mark our favorites so it would maybe be useful.)  We finished Voyage of the Dawn Treader and are now listening to The Silver Chair.  A and C have been trading Harry Potter and Mysterious Benedict Society books back and forth the past few weeks, among other reads, and I’ve stayed up late a few too many nights trying to finish the last three books in the Children of the Promise series.  Now I see that there’s a continuation of the story in another 5-book series.  I think that will be my treat when I finish some of my summer to-do list.  Details on that to come…

Happy Summer!

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  1. June 10, 2011 4:44 pm

    Congratulations on reaching the end of another school year. It certainly looks like you accomplished a lot. We on the other hand still have a bunch to fly through before I can officially say we are done. It is just going to be hard to get back into the school mode after our trip. But I am sure once we get back into our normal schedules everything will fall back into place.

  2. June 10, 2011 8:40 pm

    What a full year. I always like seeing everything in one place so I can remember we actually did do quite a lot. Have a good summer.

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