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At this rate the house might be clean by Christmas

June 15, 2011

One can only hope.  I really really don’t like to deep clean (as is obvious by the state of things), but when I finally get in the cleaning mode, it’s really hard to have to stop for lunch, or to make dinner, or to put a bandaid on your finger after slicing it on a broken dish, or to clean up blue ink from the marker tip the toddler bit off because his brothers forgot to put up the box of markers.  Not to mention said toddler leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.  He was being my buddy and followed me around everywhere on Monday, probably because it was so fun not to be stuck in the living room with us and with the gate up as he usually is while we’re working on school.  By today though, he’d had enough of me and was finding all kinds of trouble everywhere I wasn’t.  I’ve got to be better about assigning baby duty to the big boys.

I will say it’s been kind of nice to stop and sit down for three meals a day.  I’ve been tackling the kitchen this week and my feet hurt.  I never have liked standing around on tile floors for very long.  My right arm is killing me too from all the scrubbing I’ve been doing.  I must not work those particular muscles enough.

Speaking of scrubbing, I’m never scrubbing the top of the fridge again.  I Saran-wrapped it!  I discovered the brilliant idea of wrapping the top of your fridge in plastic to catch the dust so you can just peel it off and put a fresh layer on the next time you deep clean.  Of course I discovered it months ago in some magazine and didn’t do it then because it would have meant actually scrubbing the top of the fridge.  But I finally did it on Monday.  It was disgusting, but now it’s encased in plastic wrap and I’m happy, except I still have the top of the kitchen cabinets to look forward and they’re just as bad.  I’m giving my arm a rest for a day or two though.

And someone please remind me to never get white kitchen cabinets again.  I’m so sick of scrubbing little (and not so little) grimy fingerprints off of them.  Sadly though, I’m always drawn to the white cabinets every time we look at different kitchen designs.

I realized why I hate cleaning out cupboards.  I’m almost finished with the kitchen cupboards and pantry and the overall effect on the kitchen is…virtually nil.  The surfaces and floor are still messy as ever.  I guess I’d rather clean where somebody will actually notice.  Everything now clean is behind a cupboard door, but it did give me time to listen to several Teaching Company lectures on the History of England (ever the multi-tasker), and I came up with quite a load of things to donate to the DI.  Glass mixing bowls I’ve used maybe twice?  Gone.  Springform cake pan I’ve used once?  Gone.  Glass candy dish I got as a wedding present from I don’t even remember who?  Gone.  (I’ve never put it out.  I would just eat all the candy myself.)  And the list could keep going…it’s kind of depressing, yet incredibly freeing at the same time.

Now I face the rest of the house.  And I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  A lot worse.  I’m getting twitchy just thinking about emptying all the nooks and crannies and pulling out piles of junk to sort through and knowing what a mess the toddler could make of it all.  We’ll be living in CHAOS* for a while.

But hopefully it will end before Christmas.

*Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome

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  1. Crystal permalink
    June 16, 2011 7:05 am

    I feel your frustration. Decluttering is hard work. Funny after I read your blog then simplehomeschool blog was up next and this was the blog. Maybe it would help you.

    Good luck!

    • cellista permalink*
      June 16, 2011 9:52 am

      I saw that too! It made me laugh. I’ve been reading her whole series and if I could just get my house looking like her before pictures, I’d be so happy! Simply put, we own too much stuff. Like she says, 40% of cleaning could be eliminated if we had fewer possessions. I feel like we’re to the point where we can’t clean because of all the clutter. And I don’t even consider myself that materialistic. I hate to shop, but some how we just seem to accumulate. So my goal is to get rid of a good portion of our possessions.

      We’re (yet again) trying to find a new house and I think this might be the year. Last time we moved, we had to move very quickly and ended up just throwing piles of stuff in boxes and taping them up and hauling them with us and I am determined not to do that ever again. The very thought of it stresses me out. I want the junk gone before we actually have to pack up and move.

      • Tamaran permalink
        June 23, 2011 1:35 pm

        LOL! I read the post and looked at her before and after pictures. Am I the only one that thinks that if she didn’t label them you couldn’t tell which was which?!! Yeah, I don’t know if we’ll ever have a home like that.

        Hope the cleaning is going well!

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