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It’s Saturday again? Already?

June 26, 2011

Where has this week gone?  I’ll tell you where it’s gone.

  • Monday: We decided to tear apart 6 of our bookcases (4 of which are 6 feet tall) and rearrange essentially every book we own.  I have a lot more to say about this, but we’ll save it for another post.  It took the better part of three days.  Pictures to come…
  • Tuesday: We found a whole book of phonics file folder games (kindergarten level) that I bought when C was in kindergarten.  Now that D is going into first grade, but still not reading terribly well, we thought we’d better cut them out and put them to good use while we still can.  Also I think my KitchenAid is trying to die.  It grinds and whirrs and makes horrible noises.  I am sad.  I love my KitchenAid.  I’ve also had to make bread by hand twice this week and I do not love that.
  • Wednesday: Luckily DH remembered to tell me that I had to drive boys to cub scout camp today for him since he had court (which of course then got cancelled.)  I wasn’t thrilled, but it was a nice drive up the canyon.  When I picked them up that afternoon, C’s cubmaster remarked that C sure doesn’t eat much for lunch.  I had to say that usually he eats more than the other three, but only if he’s not excited.  And he was so excited for his first cub scout camp, and they had so much fun.  Wednesday night was book club at church.  We haven’t met since before Christmas and there was waning interest then.  The new Relief Society presidency assured us there was much renewed interest and…two of us showed up.  The same two of us that always come.  Sometimes I wonder why we even try.
  • Thursday: Cub scout camp again and I really hate clock watching.  I think I’d be a nutcase if they actually went to school and I had to be there at 8 a.m. every morning and then back again at 3:00.  It was sure quiet with C gone most of the day.  Thursday night we went downtown to the Arts Festival with free tickets DH got at work.  We had dinner, made owl masks in the kids park, painted some scales for a dragon they were assembling on the lawn, and watched a performance by Ballet West.  I should say I watched Ballet West (and thoroughly enjoyed it.)  E was fussy and did not want to sit still for anything so DH kept taking him over to watch one of the vendors cooking kebobs and the other three were only good for about 10 minutes of ballet and then they wanted to go wander around the park.  Only they would wander for a couple of minutes around DH and then come back over to me to ask exasperatedly, “When is this going to be over?”  Some days they’re just not in the mood to be cultured!
  • Friday: Homeschool park day, then we took the three older boys to see Cars 2, which can only be described as Mater meets James Bond.  Lightning McQueen was almost an afterthought in the movie, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  I think half of the plot went way over the boys’ heads.  Some of it went over my head, but the visuals were incredible and we did laugh quite a bit.  There was also a hilarious short featuring the Toy Story toys at the beginning which was worth the price of admission right there.  The boys have been quoting it ever since.
  • Saturday: We had a Primary activity field day in the morning.  I was in charge of the food and everyone had lots of fun doing track and field stuff.

    Javelin (or pvc pipe depending)

3-legged race

The boys then played outside with the neighbor kids the rest of the day and I…did very little the rest of the day except try to console E, who is in the habit of crying and whining uncontrollably for about an hour after his nap every afternoon.  I’m worn out by it.  I have no idea what he wants or needs.  It would really help if he’d learn to talk.  DH was working from noon to midnight so there was no respite for me today.  We had our usual Saturday dinner of leftovers, squeezed in piano practice, scriptures, and baths before bed.  You can tell it’s summer when the bathwater’s that dirty!

And that’s where we’re at.  I’m always amazed at how what looks like a fairly free week on paper can turn out to be so busy.  I didn’t do nearly as much around the house as I had hoped, but there’s only so much dust one can handle in any given week!  The grass pollen is also bothering me.  So I didn’t do anything on the house dejunking project today, but spent some time working on next year’s school plans and have made some exciting finds this week that I’ll have to write more about later.  Now I’m off to sleep!

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  1. Tamaran permalink
    June 27, 2011 12:49 pm

    And then on Sunday friends came over at bed time. They stayed way too long and their daughter completely wound my boys up…

    Sorry about that. Just wanted to let you know that we sure enjoyed it! I keep telling Jon that we need to get the deck fixed in the back (right now we have a large hole and lots of debris)-then we can have you guys over and turn the kids loose on the play structure and swing set that are back there. Our forced remodel is kind of like your moving to a larger house–I wonder which will happen first. 😉

  2. June 27, 2011 4:21 pm

    Sounds like a great week no matter how busy.

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