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What would a holiday be without a sick child?

July 6, 2011

That seems to be our lot in life.

This weekend was C’s turn.  He stayed home from church Sunday and on Monday said he felt like sledgehammers were pounding inside his head.  So we didn’t travel far for Independence Day.

Luckily enough, we had driven down to Provo on a whim Friday night to go to Colonial Days at the Crandall Historical Printing Museum.  The boys painted Liberty Tree medallions, saw some colonial artisans, examined the printing presses, heard a bagpipe band, and we were able to view a rare 1823 copy of the Declaration of Independence as well as many other historical documents and one of the very first (1791) printed in the USA English bibles.

I took one picture the whole night.  C in the stocks:

On Sunday, DH stayed home from church with C as I was the only Primary presidency member in town and had to teach sharing time.  E was feeling slightly feverish Friday night and into Saturday, and has been super ornery lately so he stayed home too, although he is officially in nursery now and really needs to practice going.  He doesn’t like it so far.

D asked me what I was going to do on Monday and I said housework.  He said, “You can’t work, it’s a holiday!”  I said, “Exactly, I’m pursuing freedom from clutter.”  So I did some more organizing around here and A and D helped DH with yardwork until lunchtime.  C was very worn out, even though he just sat outside on a lawnchair and watched.  So after lunch we watched National Treasure together while E took a nap.

For the rest of the afternoon, C discovered the plus side of being sick–

Mom lets you curl up on the couch with Harry Potter for as long as you want.

A spent some time playing around with Google Earth,

While D and E helped Daddy grill hamburgers outside and Mom tried to take pictures of everyone since she’s hardly taken any this summer.  It was obviously too sunny to smile for one child,

and the other child tried his best to run from the camera.

That was a lucky shot.  He totally avoids eye contact if I have a camera in my hands these days.  He’ll look right past me.  It’s so funny.

After dinner, which D declared the most perfect ever (and when can we grill hamburgers again?) we watched Arlington: Field of Honor, which was very poignant and a good reminder of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.  (Watch it for free here.)

We didn’t stay up for any fireworks, everybody needed a good night’s sleep.  We’ll save those for Pioneer Day on the 24th. Hopefully nobody will be sick!  DH and I wound down by watching The Hunt for Red October, although I’m not sure why.  Three movies in one day?  But it was a holiday after all and it was so good to spend it together.

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