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Week 1–the roller coaster ride has begun

August 14, 2011

Doesn’t it feel that way sometimes?  I can’t believe how fast this week of school has flown by. I’ve already had a few “Stop the ride, I want to get off!” moments.  I think we all have, but we survived!

As well as school, the boys started another session of swimming lessons this week which has been a great way to get us up and out of bed in the morning.  Surprisingly, we’ve fit a lot into our days even though we haven’t really started on schoolwork until 10 a.m. after we’re home from the pool.  We haven’t added in every subject yet, but our weekly checklists worked great at keeping us on track, although I do need to tweak them in spots.

Here are the official first day photos with their new shirts (I guess we were going for a striped theme.)  I don’t bother with new clothes until colder weather hits (why start wearing holes in the knees if we don’t have to?) but we always get a new shirt for school, Mom included.

We didn’t do anything terribly exciting this week, but everyone was excited for school nonetheless.  We began with an introduction to the Old Testament and made timelines of the English Bible.

Our memory work was Moses 1:39: Behold, this is my work and my glory–to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

D kept going with Math Mammoth this week, learning how to carry to the tens column.  He also continued in his reading lessons and although we’ve hardly done any this summer, he’s really getting better.  Maybe it just needed some time to gel in his brain.  I’m excited to watch him become our next reader this year!  He was also excited to begin Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons, in which he learned what nouns are and illustrated “The Caterpillar” poem.

C started Singapore 2B and we picked up where we left off in Writing with Ease 2.  He’ll start grammar and Latin next week.  A began Singapore 5A, Writing with Skill (I’m loving it!), and MCT language arts this week (Grammar Town and Caesar’s English.)  He will start Latin and literature next week.  He also did his first MapTrek assignment, which had so many things to label that we had to find a larger wall map to print out for him.

Science was a hit as we learned about cells and got to officially use the microscope.  We looked at onion skin, frog skin, and human skin cells, and also made our own celery slide.  A labelled some plant and animal cell sketches for his notebook.

We did an art lesson from Artistic Pursuits on cave paintings and looked at the Lascaux caves in France, then made our own cave paintings with pastels on crumpled paper.  We did this exact same project four years ago, but they wanted to do it again.

D drew a tiger (of course.)

C drew a bald eagle and A drew fish.  I really want to work some drawing lessons into our lives this year.

Also for history, we read about what history and archaeology are in the intro to Story of the World volume 1 and also read Archaeologists Dig For Clues. Then we did our own little dig outside with our new “sandbox.”  It wasn’t scientific at all, but they all loved searching for the buried items.

I think that covers it!

Aside from school and swimming lessons, we also went swimming with Grandma and Poppa this week, had a barbecue with friends, babysat for those same friends, met some other friends at a park one night, had park day with our homeschool group, and DH took the boys to a movie at the planetarium Friday night.  And let’s not forget cub scout pack meeting where A received about six Webelo pins, C earned a belt loop, and they all had a pie-eating contest.

Busy, busy!  Next week looks a little calmer which is good.  I need to work out a new job chart.  We’ve been cleaning out everything this summer, but haven’t put a plan back in place to maintain that clean.  I should really come up with a new plan for food as well since we’re in a real rut with meals around here, and after a long and busy day of teaching I need dinner already decided.  And then there’s the toddler.  He’s had an ok week with only one major meltdown, but it’s going to take a lot more effort than it did last year to keep him happy and busy throughout the day.  I guess I’ve spent the preparation time for the other three that has been needful.  Now it is time to think about E and his day.

Hopefully next week will go as well, or better!

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  1. August 14, 2011 4:33 am

    Great report! You managed to get a lot in your first week! I like your idea of slowing adding everything in and I think that is a helpful tip for us. We will start officially tomorrow. I have more to say but I will e-mail you! 🙂 But I’ve been checkin in all week and enjoyed all your posts.

    Judi 🙂

  2. August 14, 2011 10:37 am

    It does feel like a roller coaster! Slight lulls between quick plummets and twist and turns.

    You certainly did fit a lot in. I really need to make a weekly checklist. I think that would make my kids more accountable and they wouldn’t ask me “What else do we need to do?”. They ask this question when they want to have legos down, watch a movie or play Wii. They know they have to earn time with any of those things by completing everything on my mental list. It would be good to have that list written down for them to see.

  3. Mandy in TN permalink
    August 14, 2011 4:24 pm

    What a great start to the new year!

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