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Where it all began

September 21, 2011

We stayed with one of my old college roommates in Massachusetts and one of her sons was a little miffed that he had to go to school while we were “on vacation.”  His mother told him that we homeschool so technically my kids were in school every single day.  He wasn’t buying it.  

I suppose it could count as one big homeschool field trip, but I viewed this trip more as an opportunity to share our heritage with my children, both our family heritage and our heritage as Americans, homeschoolers or not. I really feel like we have an obligation at some point to spend time at the places where history happened, particularly those sites where the initial fights for our country occurred and where people gave their lives for the sake of freedom so that we might gain a greater appreciation for that freedom.

With that in mind, our first day was spent in Lexington and Concord, walking on what truly felt like sacred ground.  It was an emotional experience for me.  (I suppose I should thank homeschooling though for many of our experiences.  I’m certain I would not have appreciated a trip there when I was 6, 8, or even 10 years old, quite like our boys did.)

There was a huge downpour that morning, but it finally let up enough that we were willing to venture outside the hotel, although we were “precipitated” on for the rest of the day.  (So you can see my natural look.)

Looking down Battle Road; we got to march along it as we went to a musket demonstration (C’s favorite part of the day)…and then march back up it as we went way too far:

Hartwell’s Tavern on the Battle Road:

Road marker outside the tavern marking 14 miles back to Boston:

Going to the Old North Bridge where “the shot heard round the world” was fired:

Getting their Junior Ranger badges from Minute Man National Historical Park:

It was really something to line up on the green in the same spot the Minutemen would have stood, watching the British come over the hill.
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