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Week 5: Re-entry is rough

September 25, 2011

We interrupt the travel blogging to bring you an update on school.

It was not pretty.

I know not to expect that things will go smoothly after a vacation or even just any break from the school routine, but my word–this week was rough!  I’ll blame the pollen in the air first off. Every September I have hay fever, but I was hoping maybe this year I could get around it by going out of town.  No such luck!  I’ve been hit hard this week.  Being able to breathe is way up there on my list of “things that make school go better.”

We also came home from vacation to:

  • Printer not working–it’s actually not closing right like something popped out of place.  DH hasn’t been able to fix it yet so no printer which meant no weekly checklists, no coloring pages, no maps, no fancy notebook pages for history, no cursive sheets for extra practice, no new lapbooking pages for science…basically, all those things I should have copied off in the beginning and filed away for those days when the printer might not be working.  Yeah, I was not that organized this year.
  • Desktop computer not turning on for some reason–Really not school related, but taking a family history-related trip always makes me want to dig into my family history files which I don’t have on my laptop yet.  So that’s just plain annoying.
  • Dead mouse in the basement, and the kitchen also smells like something died…somewhere.  I haven’t found it yet.  I’m not sure I want to.
  • Baby who can’t decide what time zone he’s in.  He was getting up at 8 a.m.–Eastern time.  Then he traded that for waking up at 1 a.m. screaming for about 5 nights in a row.  I’m so exhausted.
  • Slight sense of panic after realizing I have an orchestra concert in 3 weeks (even less now) and I have a LOT of practicing to do.
  • General feeling of disruption to our lives–we all had a hard time getting our brains back in gear.
  • General feeling of dismay over the state of our house–After 4 nights in immaculate hotel rooms and 4 more nights staying with an old friend whose house was about 4 times as big as ours, I feel like my house is cluttered and cramped and you can hardly tell I spent any time at all decluttering this summer.  How depressing!
  • Our full fall routine–everything we’re involved in happened this week–scouts, orchestra, Kindermusik class, cello students, history club, park day… It’s quite the change from our relaxed August schedule.  It’s going to take me a while to get used to all the running around we do on top of school.

So, school…

By about Tuesday morning, I could just tell that we weren’t going to finish everything on the schedule.  It was too hard to keep track of without checklists anyway.  So I gave in and we just tried to do some schoolwork each day and get back in the scripture study routine (which we woefully neglected on vacation) and back into piano practicing.  We were supposed to start geography this week, but I let that slide.  Poetry was a miss as well, but I think we hit everything else at least once.

Both A and D hit a rough spot in math.  A with double digit multiplication and long division, D with subtracting with borrowing.  We had to slow down and relearn a few things, but they were finally getting it.  Next week should go a little smoother.   Luckily C had it easy with the 4, 5, and 10 times tables.

C learned about predicates in grammar, and A read about coordinating/subordinating conjunctions.

D had a few reading lessons (words with AI) and every day it seems to click even more.

C and D both did a full week of Writing with Ease while A finished up the last assignment in week 4 of Writing with Skill.

C memorized his Latin lesson 3 vocabulary.  A also started his lesson 3, but didn’t finish it.

History was short and sweet.  We read SOTW chapter 12 about the Egyptians, Nubians, and Hyksos.  I couldn’t print anything else I had planned on doing so we went to our first history club meeting (which I had completely forgotten about) and called it good for the week.  C did read several books about Egypt on his own:  Egypt Diary, and The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne.  A is still working on The Golden Goblet so we can discuss it together.  I also have a game hen sitting in my fridge awaiting mummification, but I just wasn’t up for that this week.  Maybe next week.

Science was one subject we worked hard on.  C and D finished their habitats lapbook and read about arctic habitats and deciduous forests, which we had many scenic drives in last week on the East coast.

A finished the first unit of his biology by reading and filling out a chart and maps on eight different habitats.  He is really working well independently so far.  We’ll see how his unit test goes on Monday.

DH was off Friday afternoon, so after park day (which was a bad idea due to hay fever) we decided to squeeze in a trip to the Ogden airport where a B-17 and a B-25 were on display this week.

They crawled through the B-17 without me, then each of the big boys got to go up in the cockpit of the B-25 and wear the pilot’s hat for a picture.  E checked out the WWII jeep.  They all had a great time.

Saturday we spent meeting and showing DH’s cousin who’s in town for a conference (and who’s also my genealogy research partner on the internet) around Temple Square and all over.  Then this morning C, D, and E all had runny noses and croaky voices so stayed home from church with Dad.

At least when they’re sick I don’t have to keep them home from school!

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