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Week 6

October 1, 2011

Not one of our better weeks….Everyone has had runny noses which seem to be getting worse rather than better, and Thursday night D complained of an earache.  I love that I don’t have to keep them home from school because of sickness, but we probably should have taken it a little bit easier than we did.  We got a slow start every day this week and then everything seemed to take twice as long as usual.  So nothing went quite according to plan.

But I have a printer that works now so I at least have felt a lot more on top of things since Wednesday.  I can’t believe how dependent on technology I am and how maddening it is when things don’t work right.  It’s also kind of maddening that we couldn’t figure out a way to have our printer fixed so had to buy a new one.  But at least DH worked a really nice overtime job last week so we had some extra money and we found a $300 printer on sale for $179 and they gave us another $50 off since we were willing to trade in our old printer.  So that was a great deal and a great blessing all the way around.

Here’s the lowdown. Again, we didn’t come close to a full week’s worth of work, but we did hit everything at least once….well, except art (and no big surprise there.)

History was reading from SOTW about Hatshepsut, Amenhotep IV, and Tutankhamen.  We read a great biography of Hatshepsut and also had fun with a pop-up book on King Tut.  We turned Friday into a reading day.  We read Rimonah of the Flashing Sword, You Wouldn’t Want to Be Tutankhamen, and Tutankhamen’s Gift.  A also finished The Golden Goblet, but we haven’t had a chance to discuss it yet.  I finished it last week.  All three did some narrations that I typed until I could print out some pretty notebook pages for them and we added the pharaohs studied to our timelines.

Language Arts: A did three Writing With Skill lessons, and C and D did four each from Writing with Ease.  We studied meter in poetry and read grammar together.  A learned about interjections and C read about action and linking verbs.  C also got back to cursive practice once I could print out some extra practice sheets.  This week’s letter was H.  D read long-A words spelled with AY, EI, and EY and did 3 lessons in First Language Lessons which included memorizing the poem “Work.”

Math:  I’m trying not to think about how many days A skipped math, but he is doing well with long division.  D moved back into Singapore after some extra practice in Math Mammoth with subtraction and regrouping.  C did very well on his first review although I can see we need to sit down and really memorize those multiplication facts.  Now he’s working on the money section.

Latin: C is on numbers 1-10 plus 100 and 1000.  A only missed one vocabulary word on his lesson 3 quiz.  We never did get around to starting lesson 4 though.  Hmmm….

German: On the what–2 days?–we attempted German, we reviewed the numbers and alphabet, and learned how to say hello, goodbye, good morning, day, evening, and night.  We need to start making flashcards.  A and C really want to be able to see the words that they’re saying and not do everything orally only.

Science: A did very well on his unit 1 test on Monday, but we had a hard time starting our anatomy unit after that.  I didn’t have the lapbook pieces I needed for C and D.  The reading that we did was over D’s head.  So I put it on hold until I could go to the library for an easier encyclopedia and some picture books which we added to the reading pile on Friday.  A was not enthusiastic about doing his readings and experiment on his own so we finally just skipped them and all read together on Friday about skin and cells.  We practiced picking up coins with tape on our fingers to show how the ridges in our skin help us and we collected our own fingerprints and compared the different shapes in them.  We also traced all of their bodies so we can start adding in body parts as we learn about them.  It was a good day, but I hope science turns out better next week.  (i.e. a little more like the original plan!)

Actually I just hope everything goes better next week.  DH will be home from a business trip to San Diego tonight and we’re looking forward to the LDS General Conference this weekend.  I feel like I need some new direction and motivation in my life and I always look to conference to give me a jumpstart.

Science books we read this week

D being traced

This just cracks me up.  C colored the generic  person on his lapbook cover, gave her clothes, and showed me that she has painted finger and toenails!

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