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Pownalborough revisited

October 13, 2011

Yesterday, I received a link to this fun little video that was compiled for the Pownalborough Court House’s 250th birthday party which we attended in Maine last month (full story at this link.)  The local television station, Lincoln County TV, let people borrow their camcorders that day and record a few minutes of whatever they found interesting.  The clips were then edited together into a collage video.

And we’re on it!

At about the 5:30 mark, you can see all the boys participating in military drills with a member of the Goodwin and White company, a local reenactment group.  They learned how to shoulder their weapons, present arms, and FIRE! (complete with sound effects.)

At the 12:00 mark, a local is talking about the history of the land, the fort, and the court house, and even mentions the Goodwin family, the remnants of which he just talked to and photographed on the back porch. That was us, we were there!

The funniest part is the very end (about 22:11), someone recorded C marching around with his wooden musket at the very end of the day with no signs of slowing down.  It’s pretty cute and brought back some good memories.

In other Pownalborough news, the Maine Supreme Court held an actual session in the Pownalborough Court House yesterday and heard oral arguments in two cases.  (Read the story.)  Due to current fire codes, they were unable to utilize the fireplaces in the court room.  I understand it was a cool 52 degrees or thereabouts.  The state representative came prepared with long underwear and gloves.  Makes me glad we were there last month!


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  1. Tamaran permalink
    October 14, 2011 12:32 pm

    AWESOME!! I also spotted D (and it looked like a glimpse of C) at about 6:25, the guys are playing music and it jumps to the side for a few seconds and the boys have their wooden muskets. Thanks for sharing the video!!

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