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Weeks 9 and 10

October 28, 2011

My favorite photo of the week

We took a long weekend off last week, so just had three days of school.  This week went pretty well, until excitement over Halloween and having Daddy home from work for a few days threw us off towards the end.  We’ve done some good work though.  With a short week that wasn’t on my original schedule, I once again opted not to fall behind in history or science so we were very diligent there both weeks.  (We weren’t very diligent at German, geography, or memory work however, oops…)

We also had cub scout pack meeting this week where C received two belt loops and then was able to go to the Utah Symphony because one of his scout friends had an extra week.

For history, we covered the Assyrians and the Phoenicians in Story of the World.  The boys all did some mapwork and put pictures on their timelines, although I discovered I have more chapters than timeline figures so I need to figure out what I’m missing.  We also talk about primary sources and works of art that I’d like to add to our timeline if I could just find some time to hunt for my own images.   A took notes from his encyclopedia reading.  C and D colored Phoenician ships and made lapbooklets about the different things Phoenicians traded such as tin, cedar logs and furniture, salt, and their famous purple dye made by boiling snails.   Also to go along with the Phoenicians, we watched some YouTubevideos on glass blowing.

D's history work

A's notes and maps

C's history work

I love the picture on C’s Gilgamesh narration: Gilgamesh falling off the wall and being saved by Enkidu.

For literature that corresponds to our history (which is how I love to do literature) we read Ludmila Zeman’s Gilgamesh together.  I’m still waiting on the next two stories to come in at the library so we can continue with Gilgamesh.  A and C also read a longer version of Gilgamesh by Geraldine McCaughrean and are waiting on me to finish it so we can discuss it together.  We began readingIn Search of a Homeland this week, a retelling of the Aeneid.

Science: Last week we talked about the nervous system and found two great books about the brain by Seymour Simon.  We really like his science books.  One book had some pictures of actual brains, and the other was more cartoony, but very informative with lots of short little experiments that we tried while sitting on the couch together.  This week was supposed to be the endocrine system, but I must have missed that on my schedule because I got books for the circulatory system instead, so that’s what we studied.

A labelled a nerve cell sketch last week, but I just realized we forgot to do this week’s sketch.  He did do an experiment this week to show how the solid cells in blood are suspended in plasma and can be separated out.  He mixed up flour, corn starch, and sugar in water, which he then let sit for 30 minutes.  When we came back, gravity had taken over and the solid matter was all at the bottom of the pitcher.  He loves doing experiments and can mostly do them by himself, although we need to work on reading directions carefully before beginning anything!

All the boys added brains and hearts to their body cutouts (which are quite the sight hanging on the kitchen wall.)

Language Arts: Both A and C are in the final pages of their grammar texts, so we can begin working in the 4-part analysis practice books probably next week sometime.  D continues to learn about proper nouns of people and places in First Language Lessons.  C and D both completed a week’s worth of Writing with Ease this week.  A, on the other hand, has taken the week off from writing mostly due to his little brother.  He has a very big writing assignment he’s kind of stuck on, and I’ve told him to wait until E goes down for a nap so I can really concentrate on it and work with him.  We’ve been jinxed every day.  Either we forget and leave it for last, or we just sit down to work on it and E will wake up early.  One day we will finish it!  It’s ok though, we’re still working from the 7-week sample and we’ve only got four assignments left.  Rather than request the 20-week sample, I’m just going to wait until Writing with Skill is actually published which should be in just a few weeks.

C has been working in his cursive book again and has learned how to write C, O, U, I, and T.  D’s handwriting has also improved lately and he is being more careful about it.  I will have to share samples one of these days.  Finally, D finished the long-E section in his reading book and is getting more fluent every day.

Latin: A has just finished his first review this week and will take the quiz on Monday.  I love that the quizzes in First Form Latin are cumulative.  C is also doing great with Latin vocab and finished memorizing the words in lesson 6.

Math: A worked on challenging word problems last week and this week began the fractions section in Singapore 5A.  We had to review a little bit, but he caught on very quickly and seems to be doing fine.  I should probably be doing it with him so I can keep up!  C is finishing up the money section and is doing well.  D is whizzing through the multiplication section in 2A and is also done with the book!  I can foresee him catching up with and probably passing C before too long.  D suggested that maybe we could just work on challenging word problems.  And he said it with such glee!  This kid just loves numbers!  The only problem there is the fact that he can’t read the problems on his own.  He could do the math, no problem, but he needs to work on reading.  Different kids, different strengths!  It’s so fun to watch them develop!

Speaking of different strengths, C is certainly our little speed reader.  In the past two weeks he’s finished:

  • Tall Timber Tales by Dell J. McCormick
  • Nurse Matilda Collected Tales by Christianna Brand
  • The Long Patrol by Brian Jacques
  • Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls
  • Gilgamesh the Hero by Geraldine McCaughrean
  • The Iron Giant
  • The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor retold by John Yeoman
and who knows how many other picture and nonfiction history books.  He amazes me.
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  1. October 29, 2011 7:07 am

    Looks like a great couple of weeks – and fun too!

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