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The Parable of the Talents

November 2, 2011

I need to write about last Sunday before I forget.  It was an amazing day, one of those, “Wow, are we really the parents of this incredible kid?” kind of days.

A has been playing the piano for the Primary in the Spanish Branch since June and Sunday they had their Primary program during sacrament meeting.  It began at 1:00, so we went to our own sacrament meeting at 11:00 and then planned to leave for the branch.  I had to talk to our own Primary president about a few things first though and so A and C went down to Primary as always and actually ended up going to class while I was talking.  I had to pull them out so we could leave.  I should mention here that I was nervous for A all morning.  He, on the other hand, was completely calm and actually sounded surprised when I stuck my head in his classroom to say it was time to go.  We ran home and grabbed a little bit of lunch before heading off to the branch.

The branch Primary president sent us a translation of the program so we could follow along.  There were only about 10 children in the branch, but they all did a great job saying their parts and singing the songs.   A sat at the piano and played all eight of the songs pretty flawlessly.  I was so amazed and so…in awe as I watched him play.

The branch president got up at the end of the program and had A come up to the podium.  I missed some of what he said to the congregation as he didn’t translate everything he said for us, but I did catch that he told the branch that A was only 10 years old and that after 3 hours in his own ward, he had been willing to spend an extra 90 minutes in church every Sunday so he could come and play for the branch.  He presented A with a journal, a video about service, and a picture of Christ with the children, in token of their appreciation for his service in Primary.  He told A that he wanted him to always remember that in using his talents to serve others, he is serving Christ.

I hope A will always remember that.  I’m sure I was in no position to learn that lesson at age 10.  We have all gained so much from this experience.  I can’t help thinking maybe this is one of the reasons we have not yet been able to find a new home to move to.  We needed to have A experience this.  So many members of the branch came up to us after the meeting to express their appreciation for sharing A with them and marvelling at his abilities.  I think he was a little overwhelmed by it all.  I was a little overwhelmed by it all.

Some of our other realizations and blessings I don’t want to forget:

  • A is learning how to work.  Piano is not easy and it takes practice to master.  Although he truly does love to just sit and play, he’s been a little more diligent knowing other people are depending on him to practice and know the Primary songs.
  • He’s getting valuable performance experience in a very positive setting at a fairly young age.
  • His little brothers look up to him and want to follow his example.  They see the time he puts into practicing and are seeing some of the payoff in the opportunities that have  come his way.  After the meeting, C said he wanted to go home and practice so one day he can play for a branch!
  • The boys from the branch look up to him.  They just love A!  They’ve started coming to cub scouts and A is their hero.  Everybody wants to sit by him and do things with him.  He’s realizing he’s an example to other children beyond his brothers.
  • He’s been an example of service to all of us.  Seriously, I don’t know that I could go to another 90 minutes of church (in the late afternoon no less) every single week without complaining.  But he does, week in and week out.
  • We’ve been blessed by his service.  Some are those intangible blessings that I just can’t put into words, but one thing I can express gratitude for is the peaceful spirit we’ve felt in our home as he’s practiced the Primary songs and hymns.
  • A hasn’t expressed as much, but I do think he realizes what I’ve come to know, that as we magnify our talents and use them to bless the lives of others, they will be added upon.  It started out as just something fun for him to do since he loves to play, but I think he’s realizing how much it means to those in the branch to have him show up each Sunday.  What a blessing to have him know this at such a young age.
  • This is only the beginning.  We’re always in need of musical talent in our church and I know that as he continues on, he’ll  have many more opportunities to experience the blessings of service.  How exciting!
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  1. November 3, 2011 8:49 am

    What a great experience. It really is a talent to be able to play and have others sing along. He is so young and yet able to do that. It will be a very useful and needed talent for years and years to come!

  2. November 3, 2011 1:42 pm

    This is Awesome. Thanks for sharing–I needed a lift this morning.

  3. Susan permalink
    November 3, 2011 7:24 pm

    It really is very exciting. What an honor and privilege to have children whose understanding of the world goes beyond what we might imagine for them. It’s humbling at the same time. Love to all.

  4. Tamaran permalink
    November 4, 2011 9:41 am

    He amazes me as well. I’ve loved hearing him play before primary starts. It has been fun to see him progress from week to week. A few weeks ago he was playing and I was amazed at it all. He plays so well.

  5. Jessica Dahlquist permalink
    November 8, 2011 7:36 am

    What a beautiful thing that is. How blessed he is to have musical talent and to have parents that encourage him to use them to bless others. Thanks for sharing.

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