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What a day!

November 8, 2011

I just love it when daylight savings time ends (except for when I look at the one clock I forgot to move back and have a moment of panic that we’re finishing up work for the afternoon at 5 p.m.)  But everyone was up bright and early and ready to go this morning.  In fact, I think I was the last one out of bed.  I’m always saying we need more time in the mornings so now we just need to keep it up.   A had his piano practicing done before breakfast.  We all ate breakfast and got started on scripture study at 9 a.m. sharp.  We even squeezed some personal scripture study time in there, which is a habit I’ve kind of let slide this school year.  It felt good.

I think we actually got to everything on our checklist today, including memory work which has had a dismal track record lately.  We’re reviewing “In Flanders Fields” this week and also practiced singing “Adeste Fideles.”  We listened to some Mendelssohn on YouTube during lunch and C got his piano practice in before we got going again in the afternoon.  Granted, it still took us until almost 4 o’clock to finish, but that was mainly due to the little guy deciding not to take a nap. Afternoons go a little smoother when we get a short break from our little whirlwind!  And today he lived up to that nickname, and that was before (the optional) naptime even arrived.

He decided to wear his clip-on tie today.  He didn’t want to wear it yesterday once we got to church, but he was more than happy to put it on today over his striped gecko shirt.  Then I must have gotten a little too involved with checking A’s Latin quiz and math because the next thing I knew, E came out to show me his hands, all covered in chocolate from climbing up to the counter and eating the cake A made for us yesterday.  There were cake crumbs on his hands, his face, the tie, the counter, the chair, the floor, and the living room carpet…and probably a few more places I haven’t noticed yet.

A little while later I discovered someone had given him some Halloween m&ms which he decided to put through the wheat grinder.  And I’d really like to know where he put one of the beaters to my hand mixer.  I can only find one, and I just know he’s the kid who’s stashed the other one away somewhere.  Now that my KitchenAid has decided to die again, I’d really like to be able to use my hand mixer!  So the list goes on.  He certainly keeps us on our toes.

He does have a new (and relatively harmless) interest.  We brought up the old Thomas the Tank Engine Legos and Megabloks to build Assyrian siege engines with this afternoon and E thought those were just great.  I’ve been meaning to get rid of them, but maybe I’ll rethink that plan.  They kept him busy for quite some time.

A helped me make apple crisp for dessert and we had an early dinner and a good family home evening before E could have a meltdown from lack of a nap.  I even managed to practice my cello after the boys went to bed, although that’s not a luxury this week.  It’s a necessity; I have a concert on Saturday.

Aside from the mouse I encountered in the basement eating a bag of chocolate chips, I’d say it was a successful day.

Smiles like this prove it.

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  1. gina permalink
    November 9, 2011 5:22 am

    Wow! E is getting so big and too fast! He sounds like my little one getting into everything! I finally got to a point where I just have to start laughing!

  2. November 11, 2011 12:17 am

    My goodness, that sounds intense!

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