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The post I was composing in my head Saturday night–

November 21, 2011

It’s 10:46 p.m. and I can’t go to bed.

I can’t go to bed because this little guy won’t go to bed.

He’s like the Energizer Bunny.  He keeps going, and going, and going….

We’ll be spending next week trying to teach him how to go to sleep by himself in his crib.  Again.  I feel like we’ve done this so many times before but once again, we’ve fallen into bad habits somehow.  I don’t know how it happens.  I do know that this child is the worst sleeper in the history of this family and I want my evenings back, not held hostage by a 22-month-old who thinks he needs one of us to stand and hold him at night after he’s tried and failed to go to sleep on his own.  DH has taken that upon himself this week, but tonight he’s working until midnight.  So I’m on my own.  And I finally gave up and let him get up.  Mainly because of this:

It’s just my big toe, but this lovely new accessory will hopefully keep me from stubbing my toe so it can heal.  Unfortunately it hasn’t prevented the aforementioned 22-month-old from stepping on it.  Luckily DH’s been home sick since I injured myself so for the most part he’s been able to stay between me and Destructo Baby.  It’s been the sick taking care of the injured around here.  We’ve had such a great week!  I think the boys are mostly well, hopefully well enough for the Primary Program tomorrow anyway.  (They were, and did participate although we sent D home with DH and E after sacrament meeting because he started up the barking cough again.  He’s had it off and on for at least three weeks now.  It’s the cough that will not end!)

The big question is, what did I do to my toe?  It’s not broken, although there was some question over a wavy line on my bone and I had to wait two days for the radiologist to see my x-rays to confirm it was not a break.  Here’s the story:

It was one of those nights I should have gone to bed when DH did, but I really wanted to finish up something (I was in the middle of several projects for different people last week.)  So it was close to midnight and I was sitting at the dining room table when I heard a creak like the front door was opening.  I peeked into the entryway and saw the door slowly start to open.  Now you have to understand that we live downtown and we keep our doors locked day and night.  There’s all manner of interesting, shall we say, foot traffic down our street at all hours. I was all alone, it was late at night, and in a split second the only thought I had was that I had to shut that door as fast as was humanly possible.

To do so, I had to step over the overturned chair that E likes to use to climb onto the table, go down the step into the entryway, and slam the door.  Somewhere in there I tripped, or stubbed my toe, or…I don’t know what exactly happened.  There were all kinds of snow boots, hats, and coats all over the entryway floor.  I fell against the door, slamming it and locking it halfway, then probably only sheer adrenaline got me to the living room window to confirm it was the wind blowing the door and not an actual person trying to invade my home.

I thought I had just stubbed my toe so I sat for a while and tried to calm myself down, but when I realized the pain was getting worse rather than better, I tried to stand again and about fell over.  I could hardly put any weight on my left foot at all.  I’m a wimp when it comes to pain, but somehow I made it to the kitchen, and somewhere in the middle of deep sleep, DH realized his wife was in trouble and came and rescued me, iced my foot, carried me to bed, and helped me control my shivering and teeth chattering.  I think I was going into shock there for a while.  I haven’t shivered that much since I last gave birth.

So, four days later (actually six now) my big toe is still completely swollen and bruised all around.  But I can walk, albeit with a limp.  You never realize how much weight the ball of your foot takes, until you can’t put any weight on it.  The boot is incredibly annoying though after wearing it all day.  It’s not right or left foot specific, so there’s no arch support or anything.  It’s like wearing a piece of wood, but so far it’s the only shoe I can fit my left foot into.  I had lots of cleaning plans for next week while we’re off from school, but I think I will be finding more sedentary pursuits.

And the moral of the story?  Go to bed with your husband and double check those doors!

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  1. Tamaran permalink
    November 21, 2011 2:32 pm

    Now I know the story behind the boot. I can not even imagine how freaked out you must have been at the door opening! You’re right-so much scarier in that area than others I have lived in. Glad you didn’t do more damage in your rush to close the door.

  2. November 24, 2011 10:42 pm

    Ouch!! Be nice to yourself!

    And if you can’t do that, then consider acupuncture. When Monkey was just a few months old he got me up early one morning, and I fell down about 1/2 the staircase. We thought I’d broken my foot – it was a lot like yours in that it was all bruised up and soooo tender and I couldn’t put weight on it. I was doing acupuncture for fertility reasons at the time, and had to cancel my appointment to go get x-rays, but he said that if it wasn’t broken we could have an appointment the next day and he could probably help me out. It was amazing. When he put the pins in my hand it was like flipping a switch in my foot. I’ve never felt ANYTHING quite like that. I’d go back and do it again for a similar injury in a heartbeat. And the needles are so small that you barely feel them going in, and once they were in they always turned invisible on me so I didn’t feel them at all.

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