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January 6, 2012

As I was looking for pictures of the birthday boy yesterday (which took much longer than I had anticipated due to 1) the sheer volume of photos taken in 2011 and 2) E’s three older brothers who were at my elbow the whole time saying things like, “Oh, go back and let me see that picture of me again!” and “Hey, that was from our vacation–let’s look at all the pictures from our trip!”) I kept finding photos of E in the kitchen.

Making pizza dough:

Getting ready to help Grandma with cookies:

Helping out with a crockpot meal (he especially loves the crockpot):

Attempting to zest his own orange after watching me do it while making Christmas treats:

And yes, making his own birthday cake.

Wait, I make my children make their own birthday cakes?  What kind of mother am I?

What can I say?  This kid loves to cook!  You can’t mention cooking or baking or say, “Let’s go make something” without him immediately running to the kitchen and pulling a chair up to the counter, ready to help.  If you’re cooking on the stove, he pats your leg insistently two or three times to let you know you better be lifting him up to see what’s in the pans, and soon.

So for his birthday, we thought we’d indulge him.  We let him choose breakfast.  He picked eggs, which of course he wanted to stir.

And we waited to make his birthday cake until he got up from his nap and could help.  He was one happy boy. (At least at that  point in the day.)

We also played at the park in the morning and then had chicken nuggets at Wendy’s for lunch so we could use some of our free Frosty coupons besides.

Hooray for abnormally warm temps this January!  I don’t think it’s every year that we’ll have such a great time at the park on E’s birthday.

After dinner, we had chocolate cake and presents.  E didn’t want to blow out the candles so we could put whipping cream on the cake.  That month of lighting Advent candles every night really sparked his fascination with fire.

Eventually though, his brothers couldn’t wait any longer and blew out the candles for him.

I tried to get a good picture of the birthday boy, but they all turned out something like this:

He wouldn’t smile for anything!  He was so solemn while eating cake and opening presents.  It was the funniest thing.

I had to go to a Primary meeting after that, and by the time I got home, DH had figured out why E was so glum.  He had a messy diaper!  He had a terribly messy diaper, as in Mommy got so caught up in looking at photos, trying to get cake and dinner underway, and getting D to Kindermusik (we were late) that who knows when the poor child last had a diaper change.  To which I say, if you’d just talk!  Wet, diaper, change me–any of those words would do.  Poor birthday boy!  It was definitely a mommy-fail moment.

He was all smiles when I got home though and had to get out of bed and show me the trike Daddy assembled for him.  We got one that could be a rocker first of all, but I think he’s already decided rockers are for babies and he is a big boy who’s ready to go places.

There’s no stopping him now!

For my part, I can’t believe he is two already!  The years are flying by, but we are so incredibly blessed to have this little guy in our family. E is such a bright and happy boy and has brought us so much joy.  (And not just because he’s finally sleeping through the night…usually.)  I am always amazed at how children can come into our lives and our families and fill a space that we didn’t even know was empty.  And then we can’t imagine life without those moments…

Those moments when he taps me on the leg to get my attention, even when I’m already looking at him.  He reminds me that there are some fascinating things in the world around me and I should be more attentive.

When he beckons us to follow him.

When he stops and points at the ceiling every single time he hears a plane overhead.

When he gets so excited to find the moon in the sky at night.

When he pats me on the back when I pick him up, just like I pat him on the back.

When he goes running for the back door when I say, “Daddy’s home!”

When he mushes his face into mine and hugs me for all he’s worth.

For these moments and for this child I am grateful.

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  1. January 8, 2012 11:01 pm

    LOL Love the cooking pictures. My E is also a cooker! He liked to make his own PBJ when he was 2 and I felt bad that he knew how but at 9.5 he can cook a simple meal with minimal help!

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