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Week 18: Don’t say I didn’t warn you–

January 15, 2012

If you’re eating anything right now, just come back and read this a little later, OK?


So after mentioning last week that I’d gladly leave dissecting for high school biology, DH was willing, and dare I say it, eager, to take on the responsibility of dissecting…something.  Anything!  I decided to go with it and before long I had an email saying, “Your order has shipped,” or as we’ve been joking all week long, “Your frog’s in the mail!”  And I must say that Home Science Tools was incredibly fast!  We ordered a dissection kit on Monday night and it was on our doorstep on Thursday.  DH had the afternoon off on Friday, so that was the big day!

Before attempting an actual frog dissection however, I made the boys watch the virtual frog dissection first.  They were somewhat willing.

I’ll admit I was a little squeamish myself!

When my dad first started teaching high school, there was a very small choral program and he was given the option of filling his schedule with either band, biology, or American history.  He chose American history.  I would have as well.  The idea of dissecting frogs just doesn’t appeal to either of us.  Although I don’t know that he would have had to do that as a teacher.  I never once dissected anything in school, virtual or otherwise.  And now look at me…

For all the people who thought our chicken mummy project was disgusting, this was worse, although fascinating in a strangely morbid way.

DH loved it.

I was really glad we went through the virtual dissection though.  The animated frog was a lot less messy than the actual frog and it helped us recognize a lot more than we probably would have otherwise.  I highly recommend it!

So here’s DH cutting open the package of the leopard frog.  A is assisting.  I am taking pictures from as far away as possible.  E is sleeping, and C and D are also trying to stay away as much as possible.

Cutting through the jawbone:

Looking inside the mouth, DH’s finger is on the tongue and the two nasal passages are at the bottom:

(Sorry for the blurriness.)

The frog is pinned and ready to go:

A is reading the instructions:

Slicing the skin down the abdomen:

After cutting open a layer of muscle, the abdominal cavity is exposed:

The frog had been injected with some bright pink dye, which made everything inside kind of messy and harder to identify in my opinion.

Here are the liver and the stomach (resembling a shrimp, C may never eat shrimp again!)

Slicing open the stomach to reveal the frog’s last meal, probably a cockroach:

And then, by all means, let’s see the digested material in the large intestine.  Look, it’s frog poop!

Revolting is what I call it…

Here’s the abdominal cavity with most of the inner organs removed.  We were never quite sure what was the spleen, but we identified the liver, lungs, stomach, large and small intestines, the heart (the bright pink marble sized organ still attached), and the oviducts (it was a young female frog.)  Here DH is preparing to slice open the leg:

Checking out the leg muscles:

So that was the highlight of the week!  (At least for DH and A.)  Now we have a grasshopper and an earthworm to dissect as well, so I’m sure they’ll show up in blog posts sometime in the near future.

As exciting as that was, we did do some other schoolwork this week as well. C and D learned about more mammals and we read books about elephants, hippos, and zebras.

In history, we wrapped up our study of ancient India.  We learned about Prince Siddharta who became Buddha and read some Buddha stories.  A did a notebook page about him and also worked on an outline from the book Ancient India.  We also read about the Mauryan Empire in Story of the World and read several Jataka tales.

We also added math and Latin back in this week.  A and C just spent the week reviewing Latin vocabulary.  In math A did a section on finding the area of a triangle and started a review section.  C did the sections on capacity and graphs.  D worked on adding coins.  He also had some reading lessons on words with -00 sounds, like tooth, smooth, pool, and book, look, and wood.

Technically, at 18 weeks, we’re midway through the school year, but it doesn’t feel like we’re halfway done with anything.  We’re on track with history and science though, and moving right along with everything else.  It just feels like it’s been weeks (months really considering the holidays) since we’ve had anything resembling our normal school schedule.  This week especially, we’ve taken it pretty easy.  I finally feel like all the bronchitis we’ve been passing around is on its way out the door and when we went back to the doctor this week, E’s lungs sounded clear and his pneumonia has gone.

So maybe, just maybe, we’ll be up to full speed this next week.  We still have grammar and writing to add back into our lives.  If all goes well, we’ll get some good work in between now and spring break.  Wish us luck!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. January 15, 2012 10:48 pm

    You were braver than I! I stay far away from dissections. Seriously though good for you!

  2. Tamaran permalink
    January 17, 2012 3:10 pm

    LOVE IT!! 🙂

  3. jenw permalink
    January 17, 2012 9:59 pm

    I can just smell that frog. I vividly remember doing this in high school, as well as dissecting a cat, which was simultaneously horrifying and fascinating. I actually really like dissecting. This kinda looks like fun. 🙂

  4. January 18, 2012 10:21 pm

    Ha! I love the first picture of your boys…their reaction is so cute! I had to dissect a cat in college A&P. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. The smell was to worst!

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