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Wordfull Wednesday: A Day in the Life

January 25, 2012

For Cocoa’s Wordfull Wednesday this week, we’re sharing “A Day in the Life” posts.  I forgot about this until Monday night, so I kept track of our Tuesday.  It was a fairly typical at home day for us (if the craziness of a homeschooling day with 11, 8, 7, and 2 year olds can be called typical.)  Mornings are generally spent at home doing school work, but late afternoon and evening activities change almost every day.  I decided I should keep track of exactly what we do more often.  When I have to post it for the world to see, I tend to waste less time, so we had quite a productive day! (Actually it was about the best day of school we’ve managed to pull off since Christmas break, so yay for us!  Hopefully it’s the beginning of a trend.)


8:00 I finally give in to my alarm that has been going off for about 45 minutes and crawl out of bed.  Ever since we were all sick a few weeks ago, we’ve had the hardest time getting going in the mornings.  I just don’t think we’re back up to our full strength yet.  Plus I’m not a morning person and the fact that it is January and cold out right now doesn’t help.  While I’d like to say I’m committed to getting up early and studying my scriptures, at this point I’m much more committed to my flannel sheets!  It’s my constant struggle.

8:10  I set up the hand wheat grinder so we can grind some wheat for cereal and turn on the computer.

8:20 The boys are up and taking turns grinding.  A cooks cereal so I can take a quick shower.  While they eat, I start making bread, then finish my breakfast.

9:20 While the boys get dressed and find their scriptures, I peel and chop potatoes and throw them in the crockpot with some chicken and an herb-garlic soup mix.  I’m all for quick and easy meals these days.

9:35  D goes outside to get a toy car out of the van and then decides to shovel the half-inch of snow off the front sidewalk.  A, C, and I sit down for 15 minutes of personal scripture study.  Somewhere in the middle of that, E gets hold of the broom and is about to whack something with it so I jump up from the floor to put it away and next thing I know I’m feeling way too lightheaded and I’m blacking out and crashing to the kitchen floor.  This has happened before, but unfortunately E has come after me and because he’s clinging to my leg, I guess he goes down with me. He seems to be more scared than hurt, although my knees sure whacked the tile floor hard.

9:50ish D comes in from shoveling the sidewalk and we have prayer and begin our Old Testament scripture study.  We’re following the seminary schedule, although we’re a little behind for the school year.  Today is Numbers chapter 14 about the Israelites scoping out the promised land and then not trusting in the Lord that they can go live there and are condemned instead to wander in the wilderness for many more years.  We have a great discussion about choosing faith over fear.

10:15  The boys have school checklists for the week and they pick what to start with.  A and C choose math and are mostly doing reviews and don’t need my help, so I get E dressed, then do grammar with D.  D plays with E for a minute and helps him string his new lacing vehicles.  I hunt for the camera battery recharger so I can take some pictures.

10:32  D does a Writing with Ease narration assignment with me, although E is now grumpy and distracts D enough that he can hardly remember anything that was read.  I try to figure out what toy E wants to play with.

10:45  C reviews his Latin flashcards, D does a reading lesson with me–reviewing -AU and -ALL words.

10:57  C starts First Language Lessons 3 with me (memorizing pronouns which was practically the same lesson D had), D begins math, A begins his Latin workbook.

11:15  E, who has spread his new crayons all over the living room but doesn’t want to color, is still grumpy so I let him stand up to the kitchen sink to play in the water and then realize I forgot to put the bread in the oven to bake.  I track down the timer so I won’t forget to take the bread out of the oven, redirect C’s attention to his grammar workbook, and give D the option of stopping his whining and just doing the rest of his math or grinding more wheat for a while.  He chooses math.

11:40  C is finished with grammar, has spent a few minutes entertaining E, and brings me his Writing with Ease workbook so I can dictate a verrrrrry long sentence to him.

11:47  The timer dings for the baking bread.  D finishes math and goes to play with cars in the boys’ bedroom.  I discover E is taking all the caps off the Mr. Sketch and Sharpie markers that didn’t get put away after our art lesson yesterday.  I find all but one and put them up high.

11:55  C continues dictation and since A is finally done with Latin, he begins a Caesar’s English vocabulary lesson with me.

12:10 p.m.  E wants to show me that the bread needs to come out of the pans.  (If there is anything going on in the kitchen, he is always the first one on top of it!  He’s our little chef.)  A adds Emily Bronte to his timeline and starts the word search from his vocabulary book.  I help C figure out where the five commas go in his dictation sentence and he files it in his binder.

A working on his timeline

12:18  Everyone has scattered and I’m checking email and writing this post when Daddy comes home for lunch!  Now that the two guys he’s working with every day are on diets and don’t want to go out to eat, he comes home for lunch more often.  We like it. 🙂

E helps set the table

12:30  We finally corral everyone at the kitchen table for sandwiches and grapefruit.  We find out that even E likes grapefruit, after that initial cold bite that made his eyes open wide!  I put away the dishes in the drainer and make a mental note to spend more time supervising D when it’s his week to wash dishes after dinner as 50% of the silverware has to go back into the sink for another try.

1:05  We finish clearing the table and everyone picks a job off their list to do.  We have a new job routine, I’ll have to post about it soon.  E helps me put a load of laundry in before going in his crib to play for a bit and then take a nap.

Arranging his blankets just so

1:20  D is reading, A and C are working on their handwriting with a timer to forestall dawdling.

1:30  A begins his Writing with Skill assignment, while C and D work on a lapbook booklet about Theseus and the maze.  A joins us to listen to The Hero and the Minotaur and part of a book about the mystery of Atlantis.

2:00  A goes back to writing, I put the laundry in the dryer and then move on to science with the other two.  Tuesday is usually our art day, but we didn’t have what we needed for science yesterday, so we did art instead.  (Everyone that knows me knows how infrequently art happens around here, but hey, I bought a new curriculum and we’re actually using it!)   History, art, science, and geography are generally saved for E’s naptime as they’re generally more hands-on and involved.   C and D cut out a flapbook about mammals and we read a book about giraffes.  D narrates to me, while C writes his own sentence inside the flap.

2:20  A brings me his outline to check and starts reading about the Minoans in the Illustrated History of the World and adding information to his timeline.  He talks me out of having him take notes on his reading.

2:45  We try to watch some videos about giraffes on YouTube, but my computer needs an update so we we read another fabulous book about a real giraffe who was taken from Africa to India and eventually to China in the 1400s.

3:00  Computer is finished updating, so we watch several videos on giraffes at National Geographic Kids and Discovery.  Then A goes back to the music room table to finish up labelling his science sketch of a bird and write vocabulary definitions.

3:15  D starts looking at Tintin books while C sits down at the piano and I add the books we read today to our reading list and continue to add to this post.

3:24  C is reminded to actually practice and not just play around.  A finishes science.

3:30  D breaks out the trail mix for snacks and I decide to run a comb through my hair for the first time today.

3:42  C can’t find the Primary songs he’s working on, so I print them off again.  D now wants me to read Tintin to him.

4:00 A talks us into playing Ticket to Ride Europe.  He wanted to play yesterday about 15 minutes before dinnertime and I had to tell him no since it’s about the longest (time wise) board game we own.  C opts to read instead so there are just three of us playing.  While I wait for my turn, I get caught up on record keeping for my cello students’ payments so I can go to the bank when E wakes up.

Playing Ticket to Ride

4:40  E finally gets up from a nap just as DH pulls in the driveway.  I ask DH to pretty please either run to the bank for me or else take my place in the game.  He chooses errands with E and I send him to the county library with the books that are due as well.  I usually drop them off when I go to orchestra, but we’re rehearsing at the University of Utah tonight instead of our usual space.  I can’t find one book and I’m wondering if I took it to the city library yesterday instead.  Proof that I should probably stick to one library system….DH doesn’t leave after all as he reminds me it’s cub scout night and we need to eat dinner now.

4:50 We set the table and eat.  Hooray for crockpot meals! (Which I would make more often if I thought about it before 3 p.m.)

5:20 DH takes C and D to scouts, then comes back to pick up E before running to the bank and library for me.  A and I clean up the kitchen and then finish playing Ticket to Ride, playing D’s cards for him.  I prolong using up all of my train cars first so I can show A some strategy.  I still win though…barely.

6:20  DH goes to pick up C and D, while A and I get ready to go.  DH comes back for us–A goes to 11-year-old scouts in a different building (and there is confusion over what time it’s now starting, but at least it doesn’t overlap cub scouts–the past few weeks have been crazy trying to get everybody where they need to be) and I am headed to a three-hour symphony rehearsal.

7:00-10:00 We sightread piano concertos that we’ll be performing this Saturday with some young soloists who won a competition last summer.  The music’s not too hard–I’ll only have a few spots to practice–but even so, it’s a long night.  During our break I read a few pages of In the Heart of the Sea, my current (very fascinating) read.

While I was gone, DH let C and D watch some old Pink Panther cartoons on Netflix until A came home from scouts and then they went to bed.

10:00 DH picks me up and for our 10-minute date (sometimes the only uninterrupted time we can find in the middle of the week) we stop at the store for milk, eggs, and various items needed for tomorrow’s science experiment.

10:20 We come home to find at least two children still awake because their books were much too interesting to put down.  Sigh… I have a hard time cracking down on lights out and books away because I remember what it was like to want to read just one more chapter at night….ok, who am I kidding, I still stay up way too late sometimes myself for this very same reason!

I sit down to finish this post and then it’s off to bed!

Notes for tomorrow: D needs to have his personal scripture reading time with me or DH, A needs to remember to practice the piano, and C needs to watch his next Latin lesson video that we forgot today.


To read more “Day in the Life” posts, visit Chocolate on my Cranium.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. January 25, 2012 8:07 am

    Ah…crock pots. I am so grateful for them. 🙂 and we too loved the snow!

  2. January 25, 2012 9:27 am

    Wow! A very full day indeed. Love that there is so much music involved in your day.

  3. January 25, 2012 2:23 pm

    Yes, you had a very productive day. I love the parenting technique of giving choices. And have fun with the piano concertos on Saturday!

  4. January 27, 2012 3:23 am

    So fun to read your blog again. We’ve not had internet for three months and it is great to be back online. I’d have to say you had a very productive day. You accomplish way more than we do in a day! My seven year old is excited about the idea of dissecting something after I told him about your frog dissection (I still need to show him the photos). Our library is going to dissect eyeballs in an upcoming program we may have to try that out!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. Yes, we are excited to welcome a new little one in May. 🙂 It has been five years since our last baby though so I am a bit out of practice :). I am used to everyone being able to take care of most of their needs but I know I will have plenty of helpers!

    Have a great weekend. I hope all goes well with your concert.

    Judi 🙂

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