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I can tell already

February 14, 2012

I love it when you can tell by Monday morning what kind of a week it’s going to be!

Number one priority yesterday morning was to finish our book for book club this afternoon since we were only halfway through it.  How hard is it to get up, have breakfast, and start reading?  We didn’t even get started until 11 a.m.  And so the day went.  At least I got almost nine hours of sleep Sunday night which was probably why I was still in a good mood at bedtime.

  • A box of legos finally had to disappear into my bedroom after C and D were having a hard time getting along.
  • E was into everything, including eating the top crust off of two of my newly baked loaves of bread.
  • There was no milk for breakfast.
  • I had to go to the grocery store three times, the second of which included four children tagging along right at dinner time.
  • DH had to work late.
  • E made everyone mad by trying to color their Cyclops pictures while we read aloud.
  • He came perilously close to breaking one of the Grecian pots the boys painted last week.
  • He also dumped out a container of gluten (luckily not much was left) into a pan and tried to “cook” by himself.
  • He got mad when I wouldn’t let him stand up and stir the real cooking on the stove.
  • He also threw a fit because going on errands apparently doesn’t qualify as time spent playing outside.
  • We remembered that we’re doing a Valentine exchange along with bookclub and we had nothing in the way of Valentine cards.
  • The dollar store also had nothing in the way of Valentine “stuff” except pink, heart-covered pencils…and did I mention it’s a boys‘ bookclub?
  • My printer refused to print even though we replaced the ink cartridges on Saturday so we had no history lapbook project to do today and I was unable to print out the music I needed to practice.

But we finished our book, did math, piano practice, and scriptures.  And they did their jobs.  And we had family home evening.  So we called it a good day!  The week however?  In addition to book club, we also have history club this week as the second Tuesday and the third Wednesday of the month just happen to fall next to each other.  And it’s Valentine’s Day.  And it’s DH’s birthday this week.  And we’re all distracted.  We were distracted last week as well.  I figure if we get any good schoolwork done by Friday, we’ll call it a good week too.

Maybe next week will be back to normal.

Then again, maybe not–it’s another Monday holiday and then DH has a business trip out of town…

On the plus side, my Rootstech wrap-up got a mention in the online version of Deseret News, and A and I have indexed over 400 names in the last 8 days!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 14, 2012 1:17 pm

    Oh dear. You have my sympathies. Some days, some weeks, some months just roll that way. I hope you have a secret stash of chocolate. Some days that’s all that keeps me going.

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