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February 19, 2012

Um, I think I’m a little behind on writing up how we’re doing in school.  That’s probably because the past three weeks haven’t been the best!  Real life has intervened, we’ve all been distracted for various reasons, and really, we’ve had a bit of the February slump that I hear many homeschoolers are going through right now.  And then last week we had Valentine’s Day, DH’s birthday, book club, and history club all in one.  Plus a toddler who, in addition to everything I wrote about last Monday, scribbled on my cello case, put a nickel in the cd drive of my laptop, and took a nice handful out of DH’s birthday cake . . . right after I had frosted it.  This kid wears me out!

Luckily the crayon was washable, the nickel came out, and I had extra frosting for patching up the hole.

So–what did school look like?

Does playing Ticket to Ride Europe count for geography?  We played it . . . several times.

We did minimal writing and language this week.  I think D had one reading lesson and worked on learning our phone number in grammar.  C also had a few grammar lessons.  We’re still loving First Language Lessons and all of its definitions of parts of speech, even when the “repeat this three times” gets old.  C is understanding it and even likes diagramming sentences!  A always seems to get to his sentence analysis in Practice Town even though we haven’t touched Paragraph Town in a couple of weeks.  He’s slowly making progress through Writing with Skill as well and aced the unit 2 review in Latin this week.  C, on the other hand, hasn’t done a new Latin lesson in several weeks and Writing with Ease didn’t happen either.  In fact, most of what C and D needed my help with went out the window this week as we baked birthday cake and bread and got ready for our clubs in the mornings.  A, independent worker that he is, fared much better.

Math: A has spent about two weeks working through the final practices in his textbook.  Hopefully he can work faster through the final review in his workbook this week and be done!  C finally finished 2B and moved on to 3A!  D has been working through the clock unit in Math Mammoth.

Art: We had another lesson on lines and they all worked together to make a big design with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines.

Science hasn’t gone so well.  We have a worm here waiting for DH to dissect and we haven’t moved on from there.  C and D are also behind in their animal lapbook since I haven’t taken the time to get them more books at the library.

We have been working hard on history however.  Since our last report, we’ve read about the Mycenaeans, the Greek Dark Ages, Sparta, Athens, the first Olympics, and the Trojan War.  We learned about the Greek alphabet and tried writing our names in Greek.  At history club this week, the boys decorated shields, learned about Greek theater, and colored comedic and tragic masks.  (D didn’t want his picture taken.)

We also received our new Time Traveler curriculum from Handle on the Arts this week and learned about Greek pottery.  After a great lesson on red and black pottery, they colored a Grecian urn:

A and C both had a “sea monster vs. Greek trireme” theme going.  On another day, Fun Mom appeared and let them paint some actual pots and we got back to a traditional red and black look.

I believe C painted Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber.  A’s pot (the middle one) had a man in a chariot behind a horse chasing other men who were carrying spears.  I have no idea what D’s is supposed to be.

We’ll spend the next month exploring more of ancient Greece.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m also looking forward to some decluttering as we are hosting history club in March.

Some of the books we’ve read recently:

We also made play dough Friday night when E wanted to play with the clay that C was working with.  I don’t think we’ve had play dough in ages so this was a first for E.  He had a lot of fun, even though he refuses to smile for the camera these days.

What I forgot to take pictures of was book club on Tuesday.  We talked about The Invention of Hugo Cabret and then exchanged valentines and decorated cookies.
All in all, a busy time!  I, for one, hope this week is nice and quiet!
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  1. February 19, 2012 11:31 pm

    Wow- fun unit! I love the masks and the pottery.

  2. Moniksca permalink
    February 21, 2012 1:50 pm

    What a great week, I love the pics, ancient Greece is always fun to study.

  3. February 22, 2012 6:14 pm

    I painted some giant Greek urns (two of them) in traditional colors on flat cardboard to decorate a cafeteria at BYU years ago. It was lots of fun!

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