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Another week flies by. . .

February 26, 2012

This was week 24 of our school year.  Technically that means we’re 2/3 of the way done.  I don’t feel like it however.

And Monday holidays can sure mess up a week.  I’ve felt behind ever since.  I at least had plans to be productive around the house since we took the day off, but DH was going out of town on Tuesday with work, so we just had fun with him instead.  Then I seriously downgraded my expectations for school and was pleasantly surprised with what we accomplished!

A finished his Singapore 5A book . . . finally.  He’s doing really well though and we’ve taken time off for challenging word problems, but I’d really love to finish 5B by the end of the year and I’m not quite sure how that’s going to happen.

C was having trouble with subtraction on Tuesday so I parked him in front of a Khan Academy video.  Then he wanted to earn more points and badges by doing math.  Then he wanted to do it “some more after school.”  Then A remembered he hadn’t been to Khan Academy in a while so he wanted to earn more points after school was over.  Doing math for fun–I can’t argue with that!

C and D both did a full week of Writing with Ease assignments and grammar, as well as math every day.  A did his assignments in Practice Town and Paragraph Town, as well as three Writing with Skill assignments.  His last WWS was a long “practicing the topos” assignment and we just weren’t in the mood for it on Friday.  Those always take him a long time (and frankly I was exhausted by Friday morning.)  Instead he took the cumulative Latin test for units I and II and did very well.  He’s so far ahead of me in Latin it’s not even funny.  He really enjoys it though.  My cousin gave him a copy of Harrius Potter and Winnie Ille Pu, as well as some short magazines in Latin.  He’s had fun trying to decipher some of them this weekend.

He also read about sponges for science, although we have yet to tackle the experiment as it took me several tries at the grocery store to come up with some liquid bluing.  (Although now that I have some, I’m anxious to try it out in my laundry as well!)  C and D read about kangaroos and koala bears.

In history, we read about the Greek gods in Story of the World and had a lesson on the Delphic Hymns from our Time Traveler book.  Then the boys made panpipes.  Don’t they look thrilled . . .

C and A both did some keyword outline rewrites: A on democracy, C on Greek triremes.  We’ve also been getting deep into the Trojan War by reading Black Ships Before Troy.  A also went a little crazy with his timeline on Tuesday and wrote in almost every detail on Greece he could find, filling up several pages.

Some books we explored this week:

Throw in piano lessons, Kindermusik, cello lessons, and finding a babysitter so I could go to orchestra, and I think that about sums up our week!  DH came home late Friday afternoon and then we went to a party with several old friends from high school.  We’ve all been reconnecting as the planning for our 20th reunion is underway.  (And I cannot believe I’m old enough to be having a 20-year class reunion!!)

We also had fun yesterday at the Church History Museum with our ward Primary.  We went last year with all the children in our stake and had tour guides for each group who tried really hard to keep the children’s attention.  I liked our trip much better this time around.  We just let the children wander (with supervision) and stop to look at whatever they were interested in (which is what I think should happen with children at museums) and everyone had a great time.

Now it’s a new week, and I am so not prepared for it!

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  1. February 27, 2012 9:16 am

    I don’t like the Monday holiday either—Monday is the day I need to get things going to have a good week. I love the picture of the boys with their pan flutes! 🙂

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