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Ups and downs

March 6, 2012

We were having such a great morning this morning and I thought, “I should blog about this.”  Then everything started going downhill.

  • E messed with the kitchen timer so the bread I was baking just kept baking and baking until I finally realized it should have come out of the oven, oh, about 45 minutes back.
  • E completely covered the living room floor in flashcards, letter magnets, and pages of stickers in about 6 minutes.  Maybe giving him his own school box was not such a good idea.
  • D was utterly distracted by the mess and could hardly answer a single question about the passage we read in history so I finally just gave up on narrations for the day.
  • The printer messed up the coloring page it was supposed to be copying.  I came up with 2 highly smudged and crooked copies and then found that D had taken my one and only original . . . and colored it.  He’s quick! (Anyone with SOTW 1 Activity Guide care to send me a copy of the Alexander the Great coloring page?)
  • C and D pulled out all their toys while I was in putting E down for a nap and were quite perturbed when I actually expected them to finish their schoolwork.
  • I got a horrendously hard to decipher 1871 British census page when I decided to index something rather than practice my cello this afternoon because C was in the music room practicing piano.  I can usually do a batch of names in not too long, but this was ridiculous!  I probably should have admitted defeat and returned it, but . . . I don’t like to admit defeat.
  • I had planned on an early dinner, but somehow I lost track of about 45 minutes and was outside playing with E when I should have been finishing up dinner (which wasn’t such a bad thing.)
  • While making dinner, I tipped over a blender full of stewed tomatoes (because none of the boys like chunky sauce.)  Red sauce went everywhere just as everyone was coming in from outside.
  • I then added the browned hamburger to the spaghetti pan instead of to the sauce.
And at that point I laughed.  How many weird and wacky things can happen in a day?
Add to that the two-year-old who thinks the new gluestick I bought is lip gloss, has figured out how to turn on the gas stove, and likes to put stickers all over the wood floor . . . and they don’t just peel right off again.
Good things happened too though.
  • Most of our school work turned out fine.
  • D has been getting up in the mornings and doing math and handwriting on his own before I’m even conscious (and likes to come in and tell me so, again before I’m conscious.)
  • We had a great scripture study time.  The boys look forward to it and it’s a peaceful way to start our day.
  • A is practicing a really nice piece to play in sacrament meeting in two weeks.
  • He also baked a cake for dessert tonight.
  • We put on a cd of John Williams movie music after dinner to help us get through our kitchen jobs.  C is into Star Wars big time right now and DH and I have been itching to hear the Jaws theme since a party a couple of weeks ago where we played Guesstures and one of the words to be guessed was “shark” and the person acting it out came up with the theme from Twilight Zone instead, but we all guessed it anyway.  (And it’s another thing that sounds stupid written out, but was hilarious if you were there.)
  • We had family home evening.
  • DH supervised the boys getting into bedtime so I could practice and still have some time to spend with him–
  • During which we watched Under the Greenwood Tree, an adaptation of a Thomas Hardy book that we both really enjoyed (the movie, not the book.)
We had some classic conversations today too:

C: I’ll have to watch out for all the girls when I’m older.  They’ll get under my guard and try to run their fingers through my hair. I need an invisibility cloak!

A’s reply: Then you’ll never find a wife!

And A himself said, “We should invite people over more often.  I love it when the kitchen’s this clean.  It makes me want to bake.”  Yes, we had friends over Friday night, and yes, the kitchen’s cleaner than it’s been in . . . a while.  Thank you for pointing that out, A.

I think my favorite comment of the day also came from A this morning.  “I’ve said my morning prayer, breakfast prayer, scripture study prayer, and today it was my turn for school prayer.  We sure pray a lot!”

Yes, we do pray a lot some days.  It’s what gets us through!


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  1. March 6, 2012 7:47 am

    Having a two year old this time around seems so different than it did with the other three. I don’t remember the others being quite so much trouble or quite so whinny. I think it has more to do with me being about 3x as busy and way more tired. They sure do keep us on our toes.

    I have the Activity Guide. I could scan Alexander for you. My kids are just not that interested in coloring this go around. I haven’t had much luck with most of the activity sheets this year. They are mostly maps and coloring. I have been having the kids draw their own maps lately and then the coloring page just doesn’t excite them. Sophie loves having to actually write something and draw her own picture so notebook pages are more often what we are using.

    Prayer really is the way we get through it all!

  2. Tamaran permalink
    March 6, 2012 12:29 pm

    I love that the thing that he pointed out about having people over was the clean kitchen. TOO FUNNY!

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