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What the next 11 days look like

March 6, 2012

And 29 more pages of Beethoven, Beethoven, and more Beethoven!

See our rehearsal schedule for tonight:

7:00  Beethoven Symphony #9, movement 1
7:30 Beethoven 9, mvt 3 spots
8:00 Beethoven 9, mvt. 2
8:20 Break
8:35 Beethoven 9, mvt. 4
9:10 Beethoven Gloria
9:45 Rehearsal ends

I think Beethoven.  I dream Beethoven.  I hum Beethoven.  I sing Beethoven.  Then I practice Beethoven some more.  Maybe one day I’ll get Beethoven out of my head.  (Beethoven sure looks like a weird word after typing it 15 times!)

February just flew by and I can hardly believe this concert is next weekend.  I’ve been waiting to practice at night until the boys are settled in bed so I don’t disturb them.  But there have been a few nights when E has still been awake at 10 p.m.!  That makes for some late night practice sessions.  When I’ve started sooner though, he’s gotten very agitated in bed and hasn’t wanted to go to sleep.  We finally figured out that he just wanted to come out and see the cello and give it and me a hug goodnight.  He also stops to point out the music stand and the music and my endpin stop on the floor.

So I’ve been practicing earlier in the evenings so he has a chance to tell the cello and me good night.  Then DH can put him in his crib and we don’t hear another peep.  I guess “Ode to Joy” makes for great bedtime music.  I should have known–he is his father’s son after all.  When DH and I were dating and I was preparing a solo recital (that was a week before our wedding), he would stretch out on my floor and practically fall asleep listening to me practice in the evenings.

I’m happy to see some of my practice is paying off.  There are still a few panic spots in the last movement, as well as a few well nigh impossible moments (Beethoven isn’t known for writing idiomatically for your instrument, he writes what he wants and then asks you to play it whether it’s possible or not.) But overall, I was able to keep up tonight, even in the Turkish march in the 4th movement where beat 1 never feels like beat 1.  Of course, I switched stands too so I can actually see the conductor now.  That always helps when you have 24 measures of rest to count and beat 1s don’t sound right. I’m still mostly worried about my endurance, but daily practice (except Sundays) sure helps!

(You’d think I’d do it more.)

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  1. March 6, 2012 10:43 pm

    Lovely! I’ll just have to imagine how beautiful it sounds.

  2. March 7, 2012 10:23 pm

    I have always loved he cello. How wonderful to be able to play.

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