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What I really need is a nap . . . and a good massage

March 17, 2012

Although now that we’ve had our “dress” rehearsal, what we really need is electricity!

We got to rehearsal tonight to find all the lights in the concert hall off.  There were some blinking lights at rehearsal on Tuesday (and thank goodness we at least had that one rehearsal in the concert hall!) and as the electrician was trying to fix them today, the entire electrical system went out and the place went dark an hour before our dress rehearsal (and the first one with the soloists) was to begin.  Everyone scrambled to get chairs and stands to the only other room in the building that would hold a full symphony orchestra and 200 singers so we could rehearse while crossing our fingers that the lights would come back on in time for Saturday night’s concert.

I heard that people behind the scenes were trying to come up with a plan B, but by 10 p.m. when we ended and were heading for home, word was everything in the hall was fixed.  So we’re moving ahead and assuming the lights will be on when we get there tomorrow night–which will be our first run-through from beginning to end with choir and soloists.  I hope it all works out!

Strangely enough, this actually alleviated a lot of my own stress at rehearsal tonight.  I’ve been a little too worried about my own part this week.  I’ve practiced it and practiced it and stressed about it and stressed some more.  I’ve been kind of a mess at times over it all. I just want so much to play this music well and be happy with my efforts. Ode to Joy, indeed!  By last night, it was almost starting to sound worse rather than better so today I didn’t even try to practice. I’m so exhausted from all the practicing and every time I sit down to the cello, my muscles scream at me because they know what’s coming.  It takes mental energy as well though and  my brain is almost as tired as my fingers.

Luckily we took the week off from school.  I always know this will be a hectic week so every year we take spring break in March.  The weather was pretty springlike as well which was nice.  The boys have been outside a lot.  I had planned to declutter and put the house in order since I didn’t get it done over Christmas break due to sickness, but I’ve been so tired (stressed, nervous, sick? I have a cough again) that I’ve hardly done a thing to the house.  I’ve slept in (as much as four boys will let me), I’ve practiced, and I’ve kept everybody fed, and that’s about it.  Honestly, if I didn’t have to stop to prepare three meals a day, I could do a lot more around here.  Or not–

By some twist of fate, DH didn’t have to go in for anything at work today, so he took the boys to get haircuts while I slept in (for real, this time) and to see the construction site he’s working with.  He made them lunch and put E down for a nap, then helped them fold a virtual mountain of laundry so they could go to the park together.  It was great.  I did . . . nothing, really.  I don’t know where the day went.  I can be filled with nervous energy and yet not be able to channel it into accomplishing a single thing.  DH knows this and expected this (probably more so than I did) and so found someone to work for him all day tomorrow too.  The planets must be aligned or something.  I don’t know what we’ll do with DH home for two whole days.  He’s the parent in charge though because I’m good for nothing on days like this.

Tomorrow I have a Relief Society conference in the morning (maybe that will ground me a bit), I’ll need to practice some (but not too much) and hopefully a nap will be in order.  Then it’s Glorious Beethoven.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 17, 2012 8:34 pm

    Whew! I’m exhausted just reading about it!

    When I direct a show, I find that I have to give myself and my cast a few days between our last practice and our first performance. It’s not always easy to trust that at the time, but it always helps everyone involved.

    I wish I could hear you– Beethoven’s 9th is my FAVORITE! Break a leg! 🙂

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