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Census updates and a blog recommendation

April 12, 2012

Have you indexed any 1940 census images yet?

My 11-year-old and I have been hard at work indexing. We both love it!  (And A is really good at it.)  Just last night, we went to the Family History Library for their 1940 Census Kick-Off event, where we each indexed a batch and attended a class on indexing and arbitration (although I’m not sure I’m ready to wade into those waters just yet.)  There has been such a huge response to this indexing project.  Here’s what’s been accomplished so far just in the first week, according to the 1940 US Census Community Project blog:

  • More than 113,000 volunteers are working to index and arbitrate
  • More than 12.3 million names have been indexed.
  • More than 5.3 million names have been arbitrated.
  • 22 states have been posted for indexing.
  • 4 states are 75% or more complete
  • 1 state (Delaware) has been completely indexed and is ready for posting.

Actually, now Delaware is searchable by name on’s census site, Colorado is 93% complete and Kansas and Oregon are sitting at 89%.  It’s been so amazing to see what we have accomplished in just 10 days of working together.  It’s been exciting to be a part of it.

I know I’ve linked to the 1940 US Census Community Project site about a dozen times now, but did you know they have a blog as well?  It’s information central.  Reading and subscribing to it (as I do) is the best way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with the 1940 census community indexing project.

Besides numbers and statistics though, there have been so many fun posts written that celebrate the 40s.  I love so much about the 1940s–the music, the hair, the clothes!  You Swingin? was a great post about some of our favorite music.  There have also been some entertaining posts about famous people who’ve already been found in the 1940 census: Chuck Norris, Judy Garland and Walt Disney.  But I think my favorite post was the one about Jimmy Hoffa.  He’s been found!  Right there on line 40 in Detroit, Michigan!  That made me smile.

Also following the census blog will keep you informed of the latest contests for indexers.  There’s a new one every week.  Right now you could enter to win an ipad.  Go check it out!

Of course there’s still a need for more indexers.  We’ve made amazing progress already, but it’s not too late to get involved.  Besides, I still can’t find my mom’s parents, and Idaho is now available for indexing! So help me out, will you?

Disclaimer: As a part of the 1940 Ambassador program this blog post enters me into a drawing for an iPad.

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