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It’s a new era

April 24, 2012

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think E has gotten to the point of not needing a nap everyday.  I’ve seen it coming and have kind of been dreading it.  Those two hours+ without a two-year-old under foot are not going to be easy to give up.  I’ll just say it now–this child exhausts me!

What exhausts me more though is coming home from a 3-hour rehearsal at 10 p.m. and having to deal with a now very grumpy yet still energetic 2-year-old who hasn’t been able to go to sleep.  Last week about did me in.  Aside from rehearsals, I don’t think he was asleep before 10:30 p.m. a single night!  Those wonderfully, deliciously long afternoon naps are completely messing with our evenings!  And I’d rather spend my evenings with DH than trading off with him trying to coax a toddler into dreamland!

On Saturday, after we got home from the family history fair I was involved in, E made it very clear he would rather play outside with his brothers than take a nap.  I gave in just so I could have some peace and quiet in which to practice for my concert.  Then he had a meltdown after dinner. Aside from being totally exhausted, he suddenly realized he was the only child being left with the babysitter and not going to said concert.  But he cried for only about 30 seconds after I went out the door and promptly fell asleep and slept until morning!

So we tried it again on Sunday.  We came home from church, ate lunch, and went for a walk with the wagon.  He played happily the rest of the afternoon and went to bed with zero problems, which has not been our experience of late.  He sat in his crib, and we could hear him babbling happily to himself, and then was asleep in no time at all.

Today however, we were a little less than thrilled with the no nap situation.  He was grumpy this afternoon, although I’m not sure if that was from lack of sleep, or just annoyance that I made him quit playing in the dirt so we could finish up some schoolwork.  We’re having such beautiful weather this week that I’m trying to get the boys outside more.  So they went out for almost 90 minutes after lunch today instead of waiting until later.  That last hour of school was tough, but we persevered, even with a grumpy toddler, and then went to the library.  It feels like we haven’t been there as a family in ages.  Lately it seems like I either run to the library alone or put all the books that we need on hold and then on our way to somewhere else, drop off A to go in and pick them up while we drive around the block.

Going on outings in the afternoon without worrying about missing naptime is one thing that I will really enjoy about this situation.  I’ve always tried to keep naptime sacred for all the boys.  E’s never been a great sleeper, but we finally got a good thing going with the afternoon nap.  He would sleep so long and so well though, that by the time he got up, the afternoon was gone and we had to start preparing dinner.  Lately I’ve been feeling like we never get out of the house anymore!

DH says I should just wake E up after an hour or so of sleep, but then he’s not the one at home who has to deal with the child who has been awakened.  It’s not a pretty sight!  So I think our days of long afternoon naps are over.  This is going to take some adjusting to.  Those few hours have been a great time for us to do our messier homeschool projects and to play with toys not for the 3 and under crowd.

Judging by today’s experience, I think E could still use a nap every few days, but I’m not sure he’ll go for that.  He still needs reading time though.  For a good 20 minutes every day, we would sit and rock and read before putting him down for a nap.  That is one routine I need to make sure doesn’t fall by the wayside.

My baby’s growing up though!

I don’t even want to get into how I’m feeling about that!

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  1. Tamaran permalink
    April 24, 2012 9:27 am

    Glad you made it through your week. Sorry I couldn’t help watch E.

    I wanted to share what Taelyn told me the other day. I was holding Brayden and lamenting that my baby was growing up and I didn’t know what to do about it. Taelyn overheard and quickly responded “you need to have another one, Mommy.” I asked to make sure I had heard and understood her correctly. She said “you need to have another baby”. I laughed and laughed because the way she said it made it sound as if it were as easy as running down to the nearest supermarket.

    I feel your pain on your baby growing up. I’m struggling with it myself.

  2. April 25, 2012 9:57 am

    Molly is the same way. There are days she falls asleep on the couch even with the hussle and bussle going on around her. Those are the days she won’t go to sleep when it is bedtime. But when I she doesn’t get that little afternoon nap she is quite a crank at night. But like you said, It is better to have them go to bed so you can have a little time alone or with your husband.

    It is somewhat hard to see your baby grow up but then again there are some really nice benefits to not needing naps and such. I am really looking forward to not buying diapers. This is really the last baby thing I have to deal with. We haven’t even started Molly in that direction but since she is almost 3 I figure we will need to in the next few months.

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