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June 1, 2012
  • D finished his Singapore Math 2B workbook yesterday and was ready to open up 3A and keep right on working . . . except I don’t have 3A yet.  I thought I was well stocked on math workbooks for a while, but apparently I underestimated how quickly this child would move through them!
  • It’s the end of May and I haven’t bought a single thing for our next school year.  Granted, we still have a week and a half to finish up this year, but usually by this point, I have planned, I have purchased, and I am ready to go.  This year . . . nothing.  Of course it would have helped if the money I usually spend on school books hadn’t gone to plumbing instead, but I now have a tub that drains completely while you’re showering (I forgot how nice that was!) and a working bathroom sink.  We can brush our teeth in the bathroom for the first time in about, oh, 18 months???  Eventually I’ll remember that and quit going to the kitchen sink first when getting ready for bed.   The best part?  DH did it all by himself and didn’t have to knock out the bathroom wall that one plumber said would be necessary to complete the repairs.  He did have to wedge himself into some pretty tight spaces in the crawl space in the basement but only had one claustrophobic panic attack so it was all good.  (All I can say to that is, I’m glad it was him and not me!)
  • We’re saving the rest of our money for other small (hopefully!) repairs on the house not to mention serious yardwork so we can move this summer.  (Positive thinking here–not that we haven’t been serious about moving before, but . . . that’s a post for another day.)
  • So school books–I should really start thinking about those.  Luckily we have a pretty good thing going here and will continue on to the next level in most of our books.  There are just a few areas I need to rethink.
  • For now I could have D work in the Challenging Word Problems 2 book, but he’s still not reading well enough to read the story problems himself.  We have a lot of mom-intensive subjects already so for now we’ll stick with something that needs minimal instruction time with me like his review sheets from  Maybe I can come up with something fun for the summer since all the boys will be doing math throughout.
  • Summer break equals math, piano, scriptures, and probably Latin, while I figure out next year and declutter this house.
  • And when I get overwhelmed by it all, I’ll go back to indexing!
  • Speaking of which, the 1940 census has not even been out for 2 months yet and it’s already 51% complete.  I’ve been doing my best to single-handedly index and arbitrate the state of Maine.  All told in May, I indexed over 2500 names and arbitrated close to 250 batches of 40-50 names each.
  • Now that Maine is almost complete, I need to cut back; I have to learn “The Cowboys” overture by John Williams to play for the Arts Festival in three weeks and it’s a real beast in places.
  • If I index less, maybe I’ll blog more.  It could happen!  E is still having a rough time with naps though.  Since we cut out that afternoon nap, he’ll either get incredibly grumpy by late afternoon, or several times a week he’ll crawl into my lap or on the couch and fall asleep for a short time . . . and still be grumpy. But it has improved bedtime for the most part.  When he goes to bed though, I’m so exhausted I can’t formulate too many thoughts worth writing down so I turn to indexing over blogging.  I can type what I see and not have to think too much.
  • Bedtime . . . it’s mine.
  • OK, it’s way past, I just had to get a few things out of my head and into words for a change.  Good night!
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  1. June 1, 2012 10:08 am

    I too haven’t planned a whole lot for next year yet. At the moment I just can’t bring myself to go there yet. I am sort of burnt out and don’t want to think about it. But since most everything is working pretty well at the moment we will just continue doing what we are doing. But for now we are taking a break and enjoying the nice weather before it gets too hot.

    I think plumbing is way more important than new math workbooks. I would take a shower that drains any day!

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