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June 7, 2012

Here are the boys with the dog that we take for a walk every day.  It’s mostly been a good experience, although we’re still figuring out just how this poodle reacts to other people.  My four boys, with a stroller and sometimes bikes and a scooter, don’t phase her at all, but she gets really jumpy around other dogs especially and sometimes men that we pass.

She jumped up on a guy’s leg one day unexpectedly our second day out and from his reaction, I think we were this close to being sued.  After apologizing profusely, I had to explain that it was only our day two with the dog and that we’d never seen her behave aggressively before at all.   I have no idea what previous experiences she had before my friend adopted her, but I’m extra careful now.  We’re trying to follow through with my friend’s dog training efforts and the boys are learning how to hold her in and keep her going where we want her to go.  It’s definitely a learning experience for all of us.

It’s been 4 years since our border collie died and we’ve talked now and then about getting a dog again.  At first I didn’t want to deal with potty-training two children and a puppy.  I’ve now convinced DH we need to wait until we have a much bigger yard with a fence.  I just can’t imagine sharing what little space we have with a dog again.  So until that day comes, the boys are getting some good experience taking care of a dog again.  Even E loves her (at least until she licks his face.)  And I think C would love a job as a professional dog-walker someday.

From our house to hers, around one block and back home again, is almost a mile.  It pathetic, but that’s more exercise than I’ve had in ages!  What’s more pathetic though is that some days we drive the block and a half to where the dog lives.  But it was 99 degrees here on Monday!  I am so not prepared for the hot hot summer weather!  We hadn’t anticipated the heat and by dog walking time, I was already melting.  So we drove.  Then overnight it dropped 40+ degrees and the wind was blowing terribly on Tuesday so we drove again!  I wanted to spend as little time outside as possible.  Even the boys, who never seem to be affected by the weather, said they were freezing.  We’re known for wacky spring weather around here, but honestly, this week beats all!

Hot weather is on its way for good though, so I’ll have to get used to leaving my air-conditioned comfort.  We’ve got a dog to go walk!

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