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June 20, 2012

It’s been a week since we finished school.  I have a big long post planned with a wrap-up of the year, things learned, and things not to be forgotten.  I just haven’t had the motivation to write it yet.  I was feeling a little burned out there at the end.  We didn’t even do any big fun end-of-the-year activity, unless you count movie night two movie nights with Ben-Hur.  (It was really long . . . but really good.)  Of course we already had a Roman feast with our history club a few weeks ago so I suppose that counts as well.

On my first day of summer break, I had planned to sleep in (a very long time) but wouldn’t you know it, it was Flag Day and I had to have the scouts at the church at 6:30 a.m. for the stake’s Flag Day program.  That made for a very long day.  The boys were ready for lunch by about 9:30.  With summer weather and lots of sunlight though, they’ve been getting up fairly early almost every day since.  Hopefully next week that will help us get a lot of work done.

I had great plans to declutter their bedroom this week (not to mention the rest of the house.)  The entire room needs to be emptied out with only the beds and dressers put back in.  We still have winter clothes in the dressers (thank you, Utah spring weather.) I know there are game and puzzle parts and pieces lurking everywhere and I’m sure there is also a pile of toys and board books E has stuffed behind the crib just waiting to be rediscovered.  Then there is The Pile. Whenever we clean, there always seem to be a pile left over and somehow it always ends up in their bedroom in a box eventually.  Now we have a pile of boxes full of random . . . stuff.  I don’t even know what’s in them, but it’s getting ridiculous.  Every one of those boxes will be emptied out and sorted.  I promise you that.

I just looked at the calendar though and decided this was not the week to begin.  I hate starting something big when I know I will get interrupted. This week C had cub scout camp Monday and Tuesday.  When he came home both days, we read like crazy to finish our bookclub book we forgot about.  A had scouts last night and I had one final orchestra rehearsal for the summer.  Today we have a picnic with our bookclub and I have a Primary presidency meeting.  Tomorrow I teach lessons and my symphony is playing at the Arts Festival downtown in the evening.  Friday is homeschool group park day.  Saturday we have a family baby blessing to attend.  I knew I’d go crazy if I had to leave the house that many times and return to see a giant pile of . . . stuff dumped out in my living room waiting for me (because we know that’s the only place I have room to work on it.)

Next week is totally free though, so guess what we’ll be doing??

I work better that way anyway.  As horrendous as cleaning the whole live long day is, when I get going, I don’t want to stop until the project is complete.  If I’m really smart, I’ll plan out all the meals so either DH, the boys, or the crockpot will cook for me.  I hate having to stop a project to feed people three times a day.  Or even better–I’ll just set out food and the boys can graze all day long.  E already seems to do that if I don’t keep a close eye on him since he learned how to open the fridge.  And A’s always hungry too (can’t wait for the three-teenage-boys-in-the-house stage!)

So that’s next week.  This week I am working on a few small projects.  I almost have the school table cleaned off.  We’ve kept up on filing school papers so I just have a few of those left to deal with.  My library checked-out list is at 23 books, down from 81 last week.  Since I didn’t plant a garden this year, I at least bought a few tomato and squash plants that need to get into pots now.

And there’s always genealogy . . .

I’ve kind of burned out on indexing the 1940 census.  I’m sure I’ll still do more, at least as long as it lasts (it’s at 67% completion right now), but I’ve just had no interest lately.  I have been working on my own genealogy though and have decided to be much more serious about sourcing every thing I have researched.  I spent about five hours at the Family History Library last Friday.  DH always offers to give me a couple hours away when he can sense I need it.  Sometimes I’d really love to just relax at home and read a book or something like that completely uninterrupted.  But that never seems to work out!  The boys know when I’m home and I just can’t escape being Mom.  (Which is a perfectly wonderful thing to be most of the time.)  I really really needed some alone time last weekend though, so DH sent me to the library.  It was good.

That got A in the genealogy mood the next day though, so I taught him how to attach sources to people in Family Tree.  He’s already worked through half of the 160 sources I’d collected in my source box. I need to double check everything and add in a few clarifications, but I think I just gained a research assistant!  Or as I prefer to call him–

My Partner in Crime!

It’s so fun to share an interest with him.  It has the potential to be highly addictive though, so we’re setting up some guidelines for what needs to be done around here before any screen time.  I’m not sure what those guidelines are yet, but I probably need to subject myself to them as well.  Oh that’s right, I will be decluttering, probably for the rest of the summer.  Blah. . .

And I don’t even have a fabulous vacation to the east coast to look forward to like last year.  Hopefully a New House is in our near future though and we do have a trip planned in 2013.  More on that later. . .

And hopefully I’ll get that school wrap-up post written soon.

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  1. Grandma permalink
    June 20, 2012 1:53 pm

    On the de-cluttering you should have put–for the rest of my life.

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