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Another “just keeping it real” post

June 27, 2012

I can’t believe I’m posting pictures of the mess, but here you go.  Monday morning, the boys room looked like this:

I’ll fully admit we’ve been slobs lately.  You’ll notice “The Pile” I mentioned last week.  Boxes and boxes of . . . stuff.  Plus toys, books, puzzle pieces, stuffed animals (that I swear multiply and replenish during the night), and a dresser that spontaneously combusted one day.

By afternoon though, it was looking like this:

Nothing left but a bunk bed, trundle, crib (off to the right) two dressers, a bookcase (with a pile of books that still needs to be reshelved), and a pile of empty boxes on the bunkbed.  Plus the pile of board games to be dealt with whenever I decide to tackle the games and puzzles closet.  The amount of clothing found lurking in that room was positively amazing.  Probably a good 70% of it was clean already, but we washed everything not found in a dresser drawer (the boys do own Sunday black socks, who knew?!) and did all the other laundry besides, because if I’m going to sort through all the clothing for four boys, I only want to do it once.  Add to that all the bedding and the winter coats which were still hanging in the entryway, and I’m probably up to 11 loads of laundry this week already, and it’s only Wednesday.

For family home evening Monday night, we sorted and folded clothes.  Fun!  The whole family helped and we were able to get rid of some and pack up everything else we won’t need until we see cold weather again.  It felt good!  All the current clothes fit in the drawers now and the boys can get to the dressers.  I even fixed the small dresser with my hammer and nails (and a little duct tape!)

So that room is clean.

But my living room went from this:

to this:

Different angle, but still, you can tell it’s a mess now.  All that junk had to go somewhere!  And naturally, now that my living room is uninhabitable, I’ve got blog posts galore begging to be written, I suddenly had the desire to order school books for next year, and I went and bought six boxes of strawberries yesterday that I need to freeze or do something with.  I don’t think this is the week for making jam though!  I read a great article last week about “productive procrastination” which I’m realizing I’m a master at.  I might also mention my checkbook and billpaying is up to date and I even indexed and arbitrated a few 1940 census batches yesterday.

I will get back to cleaning this afternoon though.  Though I thought this week was completely free, the boys still have swimming lessons in the morning and we have to go dog-walking after lunch.  Rather than get up to my elbows in a pile of junk for an hour or so, I thought why not blog until lunchtime?  So here I am.

And here I’ll leave.  Boys are saying they’re hungry.  Imagine that.

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  1. Tamaran permalink
    June 28, 2012 10:30 am

    Way to go on the cleaning front!

    My 3 main rooms now look like how you got the boys room (was home with a sick Tae on Monday and accomplished much)…but my bedroom and the kids bedroom look more like your living room. I never can seem to get it all done at the same time (one always looks like the ‘catch all’).

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