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Idaho, part 2

August 1, 2012

It’s time for my once-a-week blog post.  (One of these days, I’ll write more often.  I promise.)

Ever since my Grandpa Cal passed away in May, I’ve been feeling the pressing need to visit my other grandparents in Idaho.  It’s only a 2 1/2 hour drive (when DH is at the wheel) yet we haven’t been up there in over two years.  DH has been working crazy hours for the last year or so, but finally we found a couple of free days when he could take off from work and we didn’t have to worry about missing cello students or swimming or anything else.  So we set off.

The boys loved it because we took our tent and camped out in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard.

E liked the tent because he wasn’t confined in a bed and could roam freely, which he did.  He had a hard time settling down to sleep.  I think he tried out everyone’s pillow and sleeping bag at some point.  He especially liked my inflatable mattress and kept trying to climb in bed with me.

In the morning though, we found that he had finally migrated back to his own bed–sort of.

I don’t think any of us got enough sleep between the noise of the trucks on the freeway all night and the heat–I thought maybe it would be cooler in Idaho, but no such luck.  The thermometer outside the kitchen door was over 100 on Thursday, and it took a long time to cool down that night.  Even with all the windows in the tent unzipped, we had a hard time sleeping until a breeze finally came through about 11 p.m.

Grandma and Poppa were visiting as well and we spent some time at the Fort Hall replica with them one morning.


We learned about the history of Fort Hall and the Oregon Trail, and then went through the Bannock County historical museum where the boys were mostly interested in the model trains.  C had wanted to go over to the trainyard as we did the last time we were there, but frankly it was just too hot!

We spent most of that afternoon recording Grandma and Grandpa talking about their experiences in World War II, and doing as little as possible in front of the fans in their living room.

Dinner outside:

Eskimo Pies were a welcome dessert after dinner.  E especially enjoyed his and left little chocolatey fingerprints all over.

We introduced A to the “Towers of Hanoi,” a puzzle game where you have to move a stack of rings from one post to the next, but you can only put a dark ring on top of a light ring (and vice versa) and you can never put a large ring on top of a smaller ring.  C never quite got it, but A figured it out and then played practically nonstop until we all got sick of the sound of wooden rings going “Click, clack.  Click, clack.”

This picture should probably have gone with the last post–After visiting Craters of the Moon, we stopped for lunch at Pickle’s in the town of Arco and the boys, of course, had to get a photo in the rocking chair out front.

Before we headed for home, we took some 4-generation pictures.

Hopefully, it won’t be two more years before we make it back.

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