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I’m ready for a change

August 4, 2012

Come back Monday for the 4th annual Not-Back-to-School-Blog-Hop when I try to remember that this is partly a homeschool blog.

Homeschool–yes, we do that, even though I’ve hardly given it a thought in weeks.  Yesterday I made one final book purchase for the year and I hope I have everything else we really need.  This may possibly be the most unprepared for a new school year I’ve ever been.  But then I think I said the same thing last year and really, we did ok.  So I am hopeful.

We are about ready for a routine again.  A non-summer routine, I should say.  We’ve had a routine lately, a very disjointed one.  The boys have swimming every day at nine, then sometime before or after lunch, we go dog walking.  Between leaving the house twice  a day (which I really hate) we try to fit in jobs and piano practice and scripture study, but mornings are when the boys want to go play outside before it gets really hot and so playtime outside usually wins out and then I have to remember to get everything else accomplished in the afternoons.  Invariably something gets forgotten as I’m still trying to deep clean the house (it’s currently a disaster area) and deal with a 2-year-old who may or may not curl up on my lap and go to sleep somewhere in there.  So, not much routine going on here at the moment and I’m feeling it.  I’m counting down to cool, crisp fall afternoons when we can enjoy being outside after a good morning’s worth of work.

I know a simple solution would be to get up earlier (isn’t that always my challenge?) but, well, you know, the Olympics are on!  And  Mom, we need to watch!  And they can never show any one sport in totality, it’s always, “Come back later to find out who wins.”  Then of course the boys don’t want to go to bed, because they want to see the winners.  We’ve stayed up too late too many nights this week, trying to see what we really want to see.  Thursday night was good though. We got to see volleyball and rowing besides swimming and gymnastics (which apparently according to NBC, is only a contest between the Russians and the Americans.  You’d never know anyone else is even competing.) (One thing I loved about the Winter Olympics here in 2002–they showed all the other (read non-medal contenders) figure skaters. And no, they weren’t that good especially compared with the likes of Sarah Hughes and Michelle Kwan, but it was their Olympic moment and it was really nice to actually see it on tv for a change and hear some of their stories.)

Anyway . . .

I have a feeling next week we won’t be staying up so late.  DH has been out of town this entire week so things have been a little more lax around here.  He’s not fond of letting the boys stay up super late even if it is the Olympics, and even if it is summer, and even if there’s no school in the morning.  And no, we’re not using the Olympics as a school project.  No coloring of flags, no keeping track of medals, no researching of sports (beyond me answering 20 questions about how volleyball is played), nothing remotely schoolish happening here.  We’re strictly watching for fun.

Speaking of fun, while DH has been gone to Gettysburg (which just happens to be at the top of MY list of places to visit!) E figured out how to manipulate the deadbolt on the back door and got a good start on a walk up the block before we caught up to him.  Such fun!  I asked him to show me how he does it and he reached up with both hands and turned it like it was butter.  I don’t even think D can turn that deadbolt.  Until I figure out a solution, I have full buckets of oats sitting in front of that door so no one can use it while I pray he doesn’t figure out the front door any time soon.  It puts drawing all over the fridge with blue highlighter and using the very sharp bread knife to cut his own piece of French bread to spread with Nutella in perspective.  At least he’s safely in the house.  (Although safe with a sharp knife could be debatable.)

With August now on the calendar though, we’ve all decided we need to get out of the house more.  We haven’t been very fun this summer as I’ve been focused on cleaning.  (Oh, how I long for a summer when I’m not deep cleaning and decluttering and can actually enjoy weeks of reading and lounging about and doing not much of anything!)  The house is no where near where I’d like it to be, but we’ve decided to get out more anyway and try to squeeze some more fun out of this summer.  Thursday we ended up at Liberty Park after swimming, but I was exhausted trying to keep up with E at the big playground.  It’s just too big and there are too many people around.  I know (especially after this week) that as a mother, I have to be ever vigilant, but I prefer smaller parks where I can relax a little bit and not have to worry every minute about where the boys have disappeared to.  So yesterday we went to another park with a huge sandpit and lots of construction toys where E was in heaven for almost two hours.  I was actually able to sit on a bench and start reading The Killer Angels while they played.  I’ve hardly read a thing this whole summer and I’ve been wanting to get into a good book again.  (And it might as well be about Gettysburg since who knows when the rest of us will get there.)

Then my uncle called to say his grandson was in town and would we like to meet them at the planetarium for a movie.  I said sure, but just sent the three big boys as the last time I took a 2-year-old (D) to the dome theater, he started screaming when it went dark.  While they were in the movie, I explored the planetarium with E, who had his own screaming fit because Mommy wouldn’t take him for a ride on the TRAX train.  Then he fell asleep on my lap and stayed asleep through getting in the car, getting home, being carried in the house, and rolling off the couch once.  We woke him up for dinner and he had no problems going to bed after.  Yeah, it’s time to quit staying up so late!

And time to start thinking about school again.  I need to put some things into writing so we can start on the 20th.  I want to have a few light days before everything extra begins again in September.

E exploring the Mars landscape at Clark Planetarium

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