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Not-back-to-school Blog Hop: Meet the students

August 22, 2012



It’s Student Photo week at  Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.  Click on over for more fun pictures.


Here are our students this year, well, three of the four anyway.

D – age 7 1/2

  • Great helper, eager for more responsibility, but likes to be independent and do things on his own timetable
  • Math whiz, almost fluent reader
  • Very creative at play, has a fantastic imagination!


C – age 9

  • Loves anything naval and military related and now Star Wars
  • Left-handed, prolific artist, voracious reader
  • Loves to swim, ride his bike, and will try anything–he has no fear and much enthusiasm for life


A – age 11 1/2

  • Independent, self-directed, responsible, more mature than Mom some days
  • Budding genealogist, accomplished pianist
  • Loves maps, Google Earth, planning things, and figuring out puzzles

Here’s child #4.  We had to wait a while to take his picture.  He was having a 2 day.  Anyone else’s toddler have those?


E – age 2 1/2

  • Loves big trucks, tractors, machinery–he could sit and watch traffic all day long.
  • Still doesn’t talk much, but absorbs everything from the world around him and one day it will all come flooding out.
  • Convinced he can do everything his brothers can do.
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