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Weekly Report

September 1, 2012

This was our first full week of school and I must say that it went rather well.  Taking two days last week to get acquainted with our new checklists and workload enabled us to jump in this Monday morning and get right to work.

After personal scripture study, prayer and New Testament study together, we actually worked on memory work all five days!  We’ve memorized “The Goops” poem and Matthew 6:24 (No man can serve two masters.)  We also reviewed the Articles of Faith.  A knows the first eight really well and needs to learn the remaining five for his Faith in God award.  Then, in an attempt to read aloud more, I read a chapter or two in Swallows and Amazons or Our Island Story depending on the day.

Math: D worked on place value with Math Mammoth and learned how to round numbers.  C has finally mastered multiplication facts and now we’re working on turning the problems around for division facts.  He also did a few pages in Singapore on division.  A finished the reviews at the end of Singapore 5B.  It feels like he’s been working on them all summer long.  But finally!  He finished and moved on to the algebra section in 6A and actually thought it was fun.  And really, after working many bar graphs with Singapore story problems, algebra almost seems easy.

Geography: After doing maybe two geography lessons total last year, we picked up Holling’s Seabird again and started from the beginning with the accompanying mapwork and the Beautiful Feet guidebook.

Language Arts: D did a reading lesson every day.  We haven’t added in spelling or writing yet (where will we find the time??) but grammar is going well.  C and D each did three lessons in their respective First Language Lesson books and A read about nouns and pronouns in Grammar Voyage.  He and C also did three more lessons in Killgallon and wrote a few imitative sentences this week without too much pulling of teeth!  We also opened our poetry book for the first time in forever and reviewed meter.  Just for fun, we pulled out Shakespeare and read through the witches’ lines in Macbeth: Double, double, toil, and trouble . . . so fun to say!

Latin: C finished lesson 6 in Latina Christiana, but said all the declining of nouns and conjugating of verbs for yesterday’s crossword made his brain hurt.  A finished lesson 23 in First Form Latin, but didn’t have time to take the quiz yesterday before we had to leave the house.

Science:  We had to leave the house to go see Hubble 3D on the IMAX screen at the planetarium.  It was a good movie to see as we began our astronomy units.  C and A worked together on their science assignments and D read his with me.  Their experiment was a dismal failure, but D had good results with his experiment testing the effects of distance from the sun with two thermometers and a desk lamp.  We also started reading Seymour Simon’s Our Solar System.  We love his science books.

History: We read chapter two in Story of the World about Celtic Britain and did the mapwork.  D also colored his flying carpet figure that went along with last week’s reading about taking a magic carpet ride over the Roman Empire.  A did an outline of a chapter from The Ancient Celts and added events to his timeline for both history and science.  The two videos I got to watch were both duds, but I found the BBC’s History of Celtic Britain on YouTube, so maybe we’ll work that in next week.

Literature: C read Morpurgo’s Beowulf on his own and together we read The Hero Beowulf.  Besides our read alouds, we’re listening to The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle in the car.  A finished Harry Potter #7 and D read Mouse Soup!!  It’s been a long time coming, but he is a reader!  It’s so fun to watch. Now all the great beginning readers we keep buying him will get some use. Here are some of the books we read:

E’s Learning Time:   We made E a learning poster which hangs on the back of our living room door.  We introduced the letter A, the number 1, squares, and learned “Hey, Diddle Diddle.”  He colored a cow, played with the Fisher Price farm playset we dug out, did a farm animal puzzle, and played with a shape matching file folder game I made.  He wanted to play with stickers rather than color a square so I made sure all the stickers I gave him were squares.  I’m sneaky that way.

We also read a lot of books about cows (and a few other things.)

Our favorite was The Cow Loves Cookies.  We were even going to make cookies sometime, but Grandma beat us to it and E helped so we counted that.  This morning we watched three cowboys round up the cows in the field across from Grandma’s house which was a great way to wrap up our week on cows.

Overall, this week went much better than last week with the toddler.  If I can come up with enough activities to keep him busy, we may just survive this year!  (But that’s a very big IF!)

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