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Weekly Report

September 9, 2012

Some weeks go fabulously like last week, and others just don’t.  This was one of the not so great weeks where we’re just happy to have accomplished anything.

We didn’t get the best start due to the Monday holiday and being out of town all weekend.  We got home late Monday night after taking a detour from the parking lot that was the freeway heading north to Salt Lake. We’d been gone since Friday afternoon and most of the mess that always seems to accumulate from the previous week’s worth of school was still waiting for us when we got home.

So we began Tuesday morning with me really wishing the house was cleaner and that I’d spent at a little time prepping for the week.  None of us were in the mood to work hard, but we managed a little bit.  Wednesday went much better, except that C was sick.  He was sick again on Thursday which is always a short day anyway due to my teaching cello students in the afternoon.  Finally Friday afternoon, we called it a week and spent quite a long time cleaning up the house.  Then DH and I had a date to see Raiders of the Lost Ark on the IMAX screen at the planetarium, so at least the week ended on a fun note!

Memory Work:  We reviewed what we learned last week and began memorizing Matthew 5:14-16 (Let your light so shine…) and “Afternoon on a Hill” by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Math: A finished his section on algebra and began working with geometric 3D shapes.  D did a few more exercises on place value with Math Mammoth, then went back into Singapore math and worked on the same thing there.  In the two days C was feeling well enough to do more than just read, he worked on long division in Singapore.

Language Arts: A read about adjectives, articles, and verbs in Grammar Voyage.  C didn’t do any grammar, but did two pages of cursive practice.  D had two grammar lessons, several reading lessons, and did a page of  handwriting every day.  We didn’t even open our Killgallon sentence book, nor was I on top of things enough to begin spelling either.  Oh well. . .

Latin: A took the quiz for lesson 23 and only missed two vocabulary words.  He’s halfway through lesson 24 and C began lesson 7 on Friday.

Science: Science at least happened.  D and I did a cool experiment diffusing sunlight through a plastic pen and got to see all the different colors in sunlight.  We got to talk about that again after we saw two full rainbows after the rainstorm on our way back home Thursday night.  We also read about the sun and D did a notebook page.  A and C learned about different types of galaxies together.

History: We read about Christianity coming to Britain in Story of the World.  C and D did the mapwork and we read several books relating to monks, saints, and manuscripts.  A didn’t really do a thing for his own history.  Friday afternoon we looked at quite a few illuminated manuscripts that the British Library has put online from different time periods, including some from the Lindisfarne Chronicles dating back to Anglo-Saxon England.  D was inspired to make his own illuminated manuscript, the Manuscript of Kings.

So far there is no writing, just pictures.  If I hadn’t had a screaming 2-year-old on my lap, we would have sewn a booklet together and made it more authentic, but as it was, staples worked just fine.  Here is Charles the II:

A Knight on horseback:

All three big boys also illuminated some fancy letters, which will have to count for art this week.

Preschool: Due to a short week, I don’t think we really spent enough time talking about horses, and E had less interest in sitting down to read  books with me anyway.  But we did cover the color green, the number 2, and the letter B.  Our nursery rhyme for the week was “Ride a Cock Horse.”

We also did our dogwalking and A passed his board of review to receive his tenderfoot in scouts. C and D went to cub scouts which are now on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  That will take some getting used to.  I was really looking forward to a day with nothing scheduled outside of the house, but at least I won’t be rushing to get to orchestra right after they get home from scouts, so I suppose we can make it work.  Speaking of orchestra, we start up again in two days.  Somewhere I need to make time for practicing again.  I’ve hardly played all summer long.  History club starts up again as well this week, and book club the next.

Life might slow down a bit, oh, around Thanksgiving??

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  1. Mindy permalink
    September 17, 2012 6:45 pm

    I’m using letter of the week with my youngest too. It makes him feel important that he has his own school too. Have a great homeschool year!

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