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Yes, I have a concert, and no, I didn’t practice

October 10, 2012

Some of the wackiest things happen around here.

Monday night I was all set to practice my cello, since we have our first concert of the season this Saturday night.  I was sitting in the music room and DH was in the living room when we heard this terrific crash outside (and I’m pretty sure I felt the house rumble.)  I looked outside but could only see a car sitting in front of the neighbors’ with its lights blinking.  I couldn’t see our front yard from that vantage point however.  When I walked into the living room I saw the neighbor’s car which was now sitting in our front yard.

Apparently the driver of the first car was heading home from work and as one of our local feral cats dashed out in front of her, she  swerved to miss it, and instead hit the neighbor’s car with such force it was propelled about 25 feet forward, up over the curb and into our yard (luckily missing the tree.)  That curb is pretty high.  It’s also now cracked.

The boys had already gone to bed, but A and C were still awake and heard the commotion.  Of course they had to come see what was up and sat there watching as two police cars, an ambulance, a ladder truck, and finally two tow trucks came to the scene.  E would have been so excited, but I’m glad he was already asleep.  I’m also glad the driver wasn’t seriously hurt, although she was badly shaken.

A few months ago, somebody else hit another neighbor’s car that was parked out on our street.  That was a hit and run though.  We heard the crash and rushed out to see the driver heading around the corner.  Too bad for him though, he left his entire bumper including license plates at the scene of the accident.  And this has nothing to do with what I originally started blogging about . . .

Anyway, as I was going to bed, I realized I had completely forgotten to practice.  Our days seem to be so full and now I’m sharing the music room with three piano students.  Even if one of them can finish his practice in under ten minutes, I’m still this close to making up a practice schedule so we all get our turn in there.  Yes, I could practice anywhere in the house, but we put wood floor in that room for a reason, that reason being the cello.  I sound prettier in there.

I was encouraged at rehearsal last night though as I can play most of our music.  This concert will be a very unique experience.  It will benefit Zahra Charity which works towards providing neuro-rehabilitative care both here and in Morocco.  While we play, Josee Nadeau, an internationally renowned artist, will be painting on stage along with the music.  Her paintings will then be auctioned off at the end of the concert.  Should be fun!

We are playing some great pieces though–lots of tone color.  On the program: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Russian Easter Overture, a Purcell Chacony, a Bach Passacaglia and Fugue arranged by Stokowski (very like the Toccata and Fugue in Disney’s Fantasia, though possibly an even better arrangement), and finally Respighi’s Roman Festivals.  Lots to love in that one, and only a few moments of terror.  I’m looking forward to four more days in which I’ll hopefully not get distracted from practicing.


Here’s a segment from KSL’s morning show last week if you’d like a taste of what’s happening with the artist at work while the music is playing.  She starts painting at about the 1:45 mark.  And no, I’m not in it.  I didn’t want to be on tv bad enough to get myself up to the hall by 5:50 a.m. last Wednesday morning.

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