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It’s Tuesday and the party’s over

October 24, 2012

(This is the post I would have written this morning except I had to get up and read the last 50+ pages of The Hobbit to the boys before literature club this afternooon.)

Today was the day to get back to normal life again.  What a change!

DH’s mother (Nana to the boys) was here visiting for a week so DH took a week off work and we were busy!  It was like a vacation, only we got to sleep in our own beds.  We did a minimal amount of schoolwork, but went to the planetarium (twice), the natural history museum, the aquarium, and up Little Cottonwood canyon to see the leaves.  We hiked around the Temple Stone Quarry and the boys all went swimming at her hotel.  She took us shopping and we ate out a lot.  In that week, I also played a concert (which she attended with DH, A, and C), had two rehearsals, and we drove to Idaho and back.    She headed for home last Wednesday and we headed south to Cedar City to see Stones In His Pockets at the Shakespeare Festival, dropping off the boys at Grandma and Poppa’s house on the way.  Poppa took the older three to a movie.  We came back and stayed overnight with them, going hiking again up the canyon the next day before my cello students showed up.

On Friday, DH did have one meeting at work to take care and we tried to catch up on schoolwork but realized we’d forgotten about literature club and hadn’t read a page since Nana came to town. (I’m terrible at read alouds even when relatives aren’t visiting–don’t even ask about all the books we’ve started but never finished.)  So we ended up reading more than anything that day as we were only halfway through the 300+ pages at that point.  Saturday we had a family reunion with my dad’s family and DH figured he might as well take another day off from work on Monday because it was my birthday.

Somewhere in there we worked on the eight talks the boys have been assigned for the Primary program this coming Sunday (we have a small Primary) and DH and I got a flat tire on the freeway.  It was a brand new tire too.  The fun never ends. . .

So today was the big day when we got back to normal!  At least DH did anyway.  He was gone to work long before I got up.  I had trouble getting up this morning, probably due to staying up too late last night watching The Fellowship of the Ring.  Then we had to finish reading The Hobbit instead of doing our regular Tuesday subjects.  I think they all got some math in besides before we had to go to literature club after lunch.  Then we came home to walk the dog, practice the piano, and put together the Viking boats we should have made last week.  Not quite our normal Tuesday, but we will definitely be working hard tomorrow!

I need to catch up on posting all the pictures Nana is probably waiting for from all our adventures, but I need time to sit down and go through them all!  So I’ll start at the end and post yesterday’s for now.

It was a good birthday!  I got to sleep in and woke up to C’s birthday card under my pillow.  DH brought me two of my favorite donuts for breakfast–one lemon-filled and one sugar.  Naturally we had to read more of The Hobbit together after scriptures.  In the afternoon I got to spend some time at the family history library while DH was available to watch the boys.  Actually they wanted to go birthday shopping without me so I took the chance to track down some images I’d promised a guy in Australia (long story for another day.)

DH made me dinner which was really nice!  He doesn’t cook dinner too often, and it’s usually just scrambled eggs and hashbrowns.  Last night, he broiled some salmon and made wild rice and spinach salad to go with it, plus we had a loaf of roasted garlic bread, and A made me a chocolate/chocolate chip cake.  It pays to teach the kids to cook!

Documenting good food

The boys couldn’t understand why I didn’t want 38 candles on my cake.

We listened to a little bit of the presidential debate while we ate since DH took longer than expected to get dinner ready.  Then E was eager to help me open my presents!

A conversation a few weeks ago between C and myself:

C: Do you want Hobbit Legos for your birthday?

Me: Ummm, no, not really.

C: But you like the Hobbit!

They didn’t get me any Legos (or roller skates which was C’s other idea), but they did get me a nice bag to take on overnight trips and some warm fleece, and my grandma gave me a serving dish that she’d gotten as a wedding present 65 years ago.  (I’m amazed it’s survived that long!)

After the boys went to bed, we sat down to a movie.  It was quite a lovely day.

Since I’m always the one taking the pictures, I let myself be photographed.  (If only to show what I can look like for about 10 minutes before wind, children, and my hair’s natural tendency to be straight take over.  I look like this about 1% of the time.)

38 doesn’t look too bad.  Here’s to another year of life!

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  1. October 24, 2012 9:07 am

    It sounds like you had quite a whirlwind week! And you had a lovely birthday!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 24, 2012 4:40 pm

    You look terrific at 38. Where have the years gone?

    Love always,


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