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So on Monday afternoon he says . . .

November 1, 2012

“I think I’d like to be a Viking.  You know, to kind of go along with what we’re studying in history.”

And with that, my smug self congratulations that I wouldn’t be spending the day before Halloween sewing costumes went out the window.  Personally, I’m about ready to be done with Halloween, but the boys do love to dress up still, and it is fun to see what ideas they come up with.  But I seem to recall A saying he didn’t want to dress up this year, E doesn’t like to dress up, and C and D had decided months ago that they wanted to be Star Wars clones.  I couldn’t even begin to make costumes for those, so I didn’t think sewing was going to be on the agenda this year. . . at least until Monday afternoon.

Yes, two days before Halloween my oldest child decides he wants to be a Viking.  Apparently he didn’t not want to dress up, he just hadn’t thought of any good costume ideas until then.  Personally, I do think he didn’t want to dress up at first, but hearing his brothers talk about trick-or-treating at DH’s work this afternoon (which is always a fun event) and finding out on Sunday about a non-Halloween costume party this coming Friday may have helped change his mind.

However it was, I found myself at the fabric store Monday night after family home evening in search of Viking-esque material and Tuesday night after orchestra found me hauling out the sewing machine because how can I refuse, especially when it goes along with our history?  I’m a sucker for dressing up as a school project.  I still went to bed too late, but thankfully it wasn’t that hard to pull together.  We settled on fleece.  One rectangle for a tunic–sew up the sides, cut a hole for the head, leave the selvage edge for the hem, and voila. (Not to be confused with viola which is a 4-stringed instrument one octave higher than a cello, but I digress. . .)  One more rectangle with a button and buttonhole and you’ve got yourself a cape.  Two tube socks sewn together for the leggings with some braided yard wrapped around the calves, thermals worn underneath, a purchased hat (only two left in the store at that late date) and you’ve got yourself a pretty good looking Viking.  At least I think so.

We’re having record warm temperatures here this week (which is kind of disconcerting considering the massive storms and devastation on the opposite end of the country) so when we first went out this afternoon, A wore shorts rather than thermals under his tunic.  I thought he might ditch the cape eventually, but he wore it the entire time.  I’m really happy about the button I found for it.  It just looks like something a Viking may have fashioned out of metal–functional, but not quite perfectly round.

E has never liked to dress up, but he agreed to wear the train engineer hat to go with his overalls.

I know nothing about the various clones, but apparently C is Captain Rex:

And D is Commander Cody:

There were some incredibly cheap looking “costume prop” weapons to accessorize with that wouldn’t have lasted a day around here, so for about $4 in PVC and some spray paint, DH made them several “blasters” that have already seen much action.  Apparently there’s an entire website devoted to two guys and PVC weaponry inspired by Star Wars.  C may have found a new hobby.

All four together:

Two of them have already decided on Aragorn and Gandalf for next year.  We’ll have to see about that. . .

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  1. November 1, 2012 6:25 am

    E and I would get along fine…I am not a dress up fan either.
    Kudos for the great Viking costume, however.
    Never would have thought to sew the tube sox together for leggings. 🙂

  2. November 2, 2012 4:07 pm

    They all look great! Do you have a link for the Star Wars weapons? I know my boys would love it! 🙂

  3. November 2, 2012 4:52 pm

    Such a good mom! Your viking looks awesome!

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