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Week 11: We’re dropping like flies

November 12, 2012



So C and A both stayed home from church last Sunday, then D and E picked up the same colds and a bit of a cough.  E had a bit of a fever Monday night, but we were still able to get some really good work done on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday morning I woke up and my entire body hurt.  I ached all over.  My throat was sore.  I crawled out to the couch and parked there for the day, trying to do as little as possible.  DH had to work Wednesday night.  Somehow I was able to get some dinner made and the minute we sat down, D started crying that, “My head hurts!!  I have a big headache!”  So I sent him off to bed (where he slept until about 11 p.m.) and I went back to my couch as soon as I had finished eating.

A and C cleaned up dinner, cleaned up E, played a board game and I think (I wasn’t completely asleep or awake) let E watch a Thomas dvd on the computer before getting him into bed.  I woke up around 9:30 and the house was quiet.

Thursday–more of the same, except that A and C both had cold sores (presumably) breaking out all around their noses and upper lips where they’ve had runny noses for days.  D seemed better though.  For my part, I felt worse than I had the day before.  DH had one early meeting he had to be at, then took the rest of the day off.  I cancelled all of my cello students for the first time in years and went back to bed.  I never get sick like this.

Friday was DH’s day off and he took full responsibility for the boys, so I was able to lounge around yet another day, although I didn’t feel nearly so awful as the day before.  And that was a good thing because I had a dress rehearsal that night and concert Saturday night.  Such lovely timing!  I judged (correctly as it turned out) that I’d be feeling better by Saturday and if I didn’t expend energy on anything else, I might be able to make it through.  As DH says, I have a high sense of duty (maybe skewed slightly at times) and hate to back out of anything I’ve committed to.  I honestly didn’t want to let down my stand partner.  I have more to say about the concert later, but I will add here that I played fine, at least until somewhere in the last 3 pages of Tschaikovsky Saturday night, it was like my body suddenly remembered I’d been sick for several days and I was so very very tired more than anything.  I persevered though, survived the concert and the boys survived the week.

Honestly I don’t know exactly what they did Thursday or Friday as far as schoolwork.  I managed to set their books out the night before, but I have no idea how much actually got accomplished.  Right now I really don’t care either!  I did want to write just to remember what we did on Monday.  We usually do history and geography on Mondays, but we finished our geography book last Monday and rather than move science over from Tuesday like we’ll be doing this week, I just decided to spend a long time on history and art.  The past few weeks have been crazy for various reasons, and I felt like it had been a while since we’d had a leisurely afternoon at home.  We had a really great time together.  It was one of those great afternoons where everyone was completely engaged and interested in what we were doing and just wanted to keep going.

Our topic was the Battle of Hastings in 1066: King Harold vs. William the Conqueror.  I found a fabulous series a few years ago called Battlefield Britain, where a father/son team set out to explore different battles in British history through CGI battle simulations as well as technical and historical reenactments.  So we watched the segment on Hastings while the boys colored a page from the Bayeux tapestry.  Then we had a look through David Wilson’s The Bayeux Tapestry which has full-color reproductions of the entire work.  We found where Harold dies and the boys were excited to see “Rex” and know that it stood for “king.”  Some day (in the future) I think it would be a great project to go through the Bayeux Tapestry and translate all the Latin text.


The boys also had notebook pages on the Bayeux Tapestry to paste images on.  On Tuesday we read a poem about Mont St. Michel which led to some research on the internet where we found out it was represented in the Bayeux Tapestry so we had to go back and find it.  I love it when we make cross-connections like that.  Some other day (Wednesday probably) we talked briefly about class structure during the Middle Ages and the boys made a flap book for their lapbooks.

In science, they all read about Jupiter and Saturn and A and C labelled their sketches, D narrated to me.  A and C did an experiment with a tin foil kite and the toaster to show how Jupiter’s hot temperature affects storms in its atmosphere.  I intended to do D’s experiments with him on Wednesday, but that didn’t happen.


There’s not much else to say for the week!  We essentially followed our normal schedule Monday and Tuesday then the rest of the week went downhill. I do know that A finished reading Grammar Voyage and started his 4-step analysis sentences in Practice Voyage but despite my high hopes, did not get back into Writing with Skill this week.  I let him off the hook after he spent nearly 90 minutes on his 5-page massive Latin review test Monday morning and was looking a little worn out!  He only missed 9 tiny things though so he’s doing well.

We had our first big snow, and while I usually get excited for the first big snowfall of the year, I was too sick to even care!  The boys loved it though.  Even though they’ve not been feeling their best, I thought maybe breathing in fresh, cold air might be good for them and they were going a little stir crazy indoors besides.  E in particular loved playing outside.  He’s tried to persuade us as often as possible to take him outside.  This might be a long winter . . .

One more thing I’ve remembered!  The three older boys were supposed to get sealants put on their molars Friday afternoon.  They were talking about how funny their teeth felt while we were getting ready for dinner Friday night.  D said that his teeth didn’t feel funny.  I said, “Didn’t you go to the dentist too?”   He said yeah, and that he’d gone back and sat in the chair but he really didn’t think they’d done anything to his teeth.  I had to go to DH to get the full story.  Yes, he’d gone to the dentist.  Yes, he’d gone back to sit in the chair, but apparently he has a very strong gag reflex and threw up his lunch after they started working on his molars so they decided he should come back another day.  Yet D didn’t remember any of that enough to tell me about it.

I’m wondering what else I missed out on while I was down for a few days!  I’m fairly certain I’ve racked up some library fines, much laundry has piled up and we need to do some serious grocery shopping.  Moms should not get sick!  I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me this week.

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  1. November 12, 2012 11:58 am

    Glad you are feeling better–and yah, mom shouldn’t be allowed to get sick! I’m impressed you are even writing about your school week. Enjoy the snow.

  2. November 14, 2012 12:12 pm

    Oi! That sounds like quite the week! Glad you were better enough to do your concert; I’d hate missing one of those too. More than once, reading your blog, I’ve wished that I’d actually gone through with buying that French Horn I looked at when I was in high school. I miss making serious music.

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