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December 4, 2012

A turned 12 today!


One of my friends at church asked me how I felt about that.  I’m not sure.  I’m still coming to terms with my third child turning eight last week and getting baptized over the weekend.  Now that A is 12, he will be ordained to the priesthood this coming Sunday and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that, even though it does seem that they all are growing up so fast.

Some of my more particular thoughts about giving birth to A and becoming a mother can be found on his 10th birthday post at this link.

He is growing and maturing in both wisdom and knowledge and he still amazes me in some way almost every day.

Once again, we let the birthday boy decide our day for us.  We had donuts for breakfast and he spent most of the morning either playing Christmas songs on the piano or playing computer games.  I made him a chocolate cake, although it took us a good 45 minutes,some tears, and finally a prayer before we found the knob for the oven which had fallen underneath one of the cupboards.  Usually I keep the knobs to the gas stove on the back of the stove because E is becoming a little too interested in actual cooking.  Today however, only five of the six were sitting up there and of course the one I needed was missing.  And that was after I had to start over after realizing I had been measuring flour with the 1/2 cup rather than the 1/4 cup measuring cup.  It was not my best day in the kitchen.

But the cake turned out and after lunch we went to the natural history museum before dinner at Chuck-a-Rama.  After dinner, DH had to take C and D to buy A a birthday present while he stayed home with me to make dinner.  I think a new rule should be that all presents for people are purchased (or even better handmade) and wrapped at least a day before any given birthday.  We spend too much time apart finishing up shopping and wrapping presents when we could be spending more time together actually celebrating.

A was very happy with all of his presents though.   He got a watch, a book about the priesthood, a CTR tie, more Star Wars legos, and an expansion pack for his Ticket to Ride game, and another game.  He still needs some nice wintery clothes, but every time I’ve been shopping, I haven’t found anything desirable.  As DH says, I need to get out of the “hood” and find some more upscale clothing stores, or else hit up Kid-to-Kid on 21st south.



I need to take a nice picture of my now 12-year-old, but here are the three big boys at the museum.

E was on the other side of me screaming because he was tired and hungry and who knows what else, mad at the world, maybe?  Just being honest here . . .

Anyway, A said he had a great birthday.

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