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9:53 and the child is finally asleep

December 7, 2012

I’m home alone with the 2-year-old tonight.  DH took the other three on a winter campout for A’s scouts. (For the record, I am so glad I never had to do boy scouts.)  Of course arctic air moved in over night, but as DH says, “They have 0-degree sleeping bags.”  To which I say, “Eventually you have to get out of the bag.”  I have a hard time getting out of my warm bed in the morning inside the house.  Winter camping holds zero appeal for me.  But the three big boys were excited for it and so far, DH hasn’t called to say that anyone is too miserable from the cold or anything so I assume all is going well.  Granted they are sleeping in my aunt and uncle’s backyard so could escape to the house if necessary.

So that leaves me home with just one child.  Wow, that hasn’t happened for, oh, about 9 years.  I honestly can’t remember what A and I did all day for fun and excitement when he was my only child.  Obviously we survived, but this child is exhausting!  To think, if I didn’t homeschool, every day would be like this.  It is so nice to have three other people here to spell me on entertaining the toddler!  He did enjoy cooking dinner with me, then he wanted to play a game.  He has a very short attention span though and kept running back for more games and puzzles until we had quite the collection out.

When I finally said we needed to pick up everything because it was bedtime, he began his “Noooo…” whine (which is actually quite cute.)  So I said, “Should we have some ice cream after everything is put away?”  “Yeah!”  It’s all in the delivery.  He helped me put everything away and then we had ice cream together.  And this?


This is enough to make me throw my “I don’t eat ice cream in the cold of winter” stance right out the window.  So yummy!

He still didn’t want to go to bed though and talked me into another round of Rainbow Fish dominoes after I got his pajamas on.  And then?  I realized this child cannot go to sleep by himself!  He is so used to sharing a room with three older brothers.  So Mommy had to be the substitute.  He didn’t want to go to sleep in his room, so we tried my room.  But he had to have all of his own blankets.  Then he tried Daddy’s pillow.  Then he tried Mommy’s pillow.  I thought maybe I could read a little while he went out, but that a total distraction so I ended up lying down next to him.  Then he tried to lay on me.  Then he wiggled.  Then he wiggled some more.  Then he rolled over and over and back again.  And turned sideways in bed.  Then sat up to peer right into my eyes.

And finally . . .

Finally he was still.  I rubbed his back a little until he rolled over onto his back.  Then he took my hand and tried to make me rub his tummy while his eyes got droopier and droopier until finally he was out.

And that was the end of all my great plans for the evening because really?  It was 9:53 p.m. and I was done for the day!

I really enjoyed spending some one on one time with this little guy though.  I should make it happen much more often.


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  1. December 8, 2012 5:34 am

    aww so sweet! I often wonder how I did it with just one child too. My older four help so much with Zeddie and I think are a lot more fun than me too :). Camping in the winter brrr not for me! I hope they have a good time and if they are anything like my little guys they won’t even notice the cold – boys are like that!

  2. December 9, 2012 7:41 pm

    Mmmm… ice cream and little boys. Sounds wonderful, if exhausting.

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