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It’s beginning to look a lot like . . .

December 21, 2012

(sorry for the blurriness)

We finally got a Christmas tree Monday night.  Yes, eight days before Christmas–probably the latest we’ve ever put up a tree.  Can I just say I am so ready to have a night at home with the entire family.  This entire month has been so busy!  And yet I feel like we have hardly done any fun Christmas things together as a family!  We haven’t even made it to Temple Square to see the lights yet.  We’ve all been going in different directions.

So there we were on December 17 getting a tree.  And yes, I know if I’d just cave in and buy an artificial tree, I could put it up any time.  Somehow it’s just not Christmas without a real tree though.  I must say that it was the quickest tree-finding trip we’ve ever taken.  Choosing a tree is easy when the lot is down to 1/4 the size it started out as and it’s pouring rain.  I wish it had been snowing instead, but oh well.  We have one more chance for snow before Christmas Day.

We let the tree sit for a day to dry out before decorating.  I didn’t want to get electrocuted when I plugged in the lights.  While I put on the lights Tuesday night, C, D, and E played with all of my gold beads getting them hopelessly entangled.  Detangling took at least 20 minutes and then we didn’t even put ornaments on because A was gone to a basketball game.  So Wednesday we finally let the boys go at the ornaments.


And E has redecorated it almost every morning since.
We finished up our shopping today, and I was reminded why most of my shopping is done online.  I had one thing to buy that I didn’t think of in time to have it shipped (at least with the shipping costing less than the actual item.)   But it was crazy out there!  Crazy traffic, crazy crowds. I hate to think what tomorrow and Monday will be like.  We stopped at Sam’s Club on the way home to buy milk and whatever else we need to get us through until Wednesday.  I’m not going out again.
Now to get wrapping.  There won’t be as much under the tree this year.  You can’t wrap up Disneyland!
(Trip courtesy of Grandma and Poppa!)
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