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January 15, 2013

Well, our first day back to school didn’t turn out too badly considering we’re in that post-holiday, post-birthday, post-vacation slump and two of the four children are sick.  A has been coughing rather horribly since last Tuesday or so, and E picked up the cough and has a horrible runny nose on top of it.  Both stayed home from church yesterday.

A did get up early and practiced piano before breakfast as did C.  So that was a major start to the morning that helped me out, especially considering E came in to sleep in my bed somewhere around 2 a.m. (and I let him stay) so I was not as rested as I would have liked.

I had modest goals for today considering it was the first time we’ve attempted school in four weeks.  After scriptures and memory work, the boys did math and spelling, and then we broke out the Writing with Ease books (Writing with Skill for A) for the very first time this school year.  Somehow we never got around to them in the fall.  After lunch we read part of our new read aloud, Daugherty’s Magna Charta, along with two and a half chapters of Story of the World since we have done nothing for history in over a month and history club is tomorrow (assuming anyone is well enough to go.)

I also took the two well children to walk the dog in single digit temperatures (brrrrrrrr!) and ventured out to the grocery store for the first time since we got home from vacation, and nearly got stuck in my own driveway twice.  Did I mention it was 70 degrees at Disneyland last Tuesday?  And that we came home to a raging blizzard and about 20 inches of snow in my front yard when all was said and done? And well below freezing temperatures this week?  We may get lucky and see 20 degrees by the weekend.  Sigh….

That was some awesome turbulence flying down into the storm last Thursday though!  I must say I have a quite well-travelled three-year-old.  He’s now seen both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  And there’s a lot more I should share about his birthday and our vacation and I feel like I should be making some goals for the new year or something, but like I said, we’re in a post-everything slump and I’m not committing to much this week!

The boys are really loving the snow though–


Check out those icicles!


So pretty, even if bitterly cold:


E is thankful for the new clownfish mittens he got for his birthday:



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  1. January 15, 2013 10:30 am

    Those icicles are very impressive. I am so glad I am not there at this time of year. This California girl doesn’t like having to shovel snow or dig my car out. I honestly don’t know how I made it through 4 winters in Ut while at BYU. I know my kids would love it as long as we had the clothes to keep them dry and warm. When we went up to the snow over Christmas my kids were sadly ill equipped. Molly was even wearing sandals because it was either those or crocs. Once their knit gloves got wet they complained about how cold their fingers were.

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