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Busy Sunday?

January 27, 2013

“Busy Sunday?” somebody asked me today as I came running in from teaching the family history Sunday school class to find five minutes of prep time for teaching Primary sharing time, because even though the Primary President offered to let me take a break from sharing time for the seven weeks of my class, somewhere along the way I thought I could do both in the same Sunday without too much stress.  And it really wasn’t too bad except for the fact that I’m still getting over the abominable head cold I’ve had lately and talking for  nearly ninety minutes straight was probably not the best idea today.

Honestly though, there’s hardly a Sunday lately that’s not busy somehow.  We’ve had a bit of a reprieve as we’ve been trading illnesses the past two weeks, but December was slightly crazy.  I wrote down everything we had to do just so I’d remember.

The first weekend was D’s baptism.   Sunday was just normal, then A turned 12 on Monday.  On Sunday, Dec. 9, he was ordained a deacon, I played my cello in sacrament meeting, and DH was the high council speaker.

Sunday, Dec. 16, A passed the sacrament for the first time, played a piano solo in sacrament meeting, helped the Primary with a handbell piece, and lead the discussion on a conference talk in his priesthood quorum meeting.

On the 23rd, the three older boys and I all sang with the ward choir in sacrament meeting, and then on the 30th, I was asked to speak in church.  The next Sunday we spent in San Diego was a nice little break! Ever since, at least two people have stayed home from church each Sunday.  Today it was D’s turn and DH stayed with him as he sounded quite terrible himself.  I’m feeling better for the most part, if only my ears would pop so I could hear again.

Speaking of A turning 12 and officially joining the “Youth” at church, he now has quite the social calendar (and I have to get him to everything!)  They have had pancake breakfasts, service projects, helped people move, cleaned the church house, taken the sacrament to the shut-ins every Sunday after our meetings, not to mention scouts every Tuesday night, combined Young Men/Young Women activities, and firesides.  The most recent one was with the Stake President and his wife on dating and courthship.  Luckily he was too sick to go to that one because I am not ready for that one!

So yes, busy!

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